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McCormick's Musings (Part 1)

Mitch McGary

Former Michigan standout and college basketball and NBA analyst Tim McCormick joined Sam Webb on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA to discuss the NBA Draft, the NBPA top 100 camp, and more. In part one McCormick discusses the landing spots for Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary, and Glenn Robinson. McCormick also draws parallels between his collegiate career and McGary's.

Sam Webb:  This is always one of my favorite guests, great insight and perspective from his days as a player to now his days as an analyst and certainly coaching as well on the AAU side and certainly for years at the NBA Players Association Top 100 camp.  He has is covered from A-Z.  I love my man, Timmy Mac.  Tim McCormick, how are you doing this morning?  Tim McCormick:  “Fantastic.  I... Recommended Stories

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