DeVondrick Nealy names a leader and top five

DeVondrick Nealy names a leader and top five's #59 nationally rated tailback has come out with a new top three and five. To learn which colleges are now at the top of his list, read below.

"My top three schools are Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Auburn," added DeVondrick Nealy.

What stands out about Arkansas?

"I talk to their coaches a lot and have built a good bond with Coach (Kris) Cinkovich. I ask him all kinds of questions about Arkansas, and he answers all of my questions."

Where does he fit in with their offense?

"They want to use me at tailback. They are going to put me in the slot at receiver, but they want to mostly use me at tailback."

What are Ole Miss' positives?

"I have built a good relationship with Coach Vaughn too, and I want to be their next Dexter McCluster. I hope to get in there and do the same things he did."

What does he like about Auburn?

"They are just in there right now. I have not done any research on Auburn yet, but they are number three right now out of the five schools I have narrowed it down to."

Who else is in his Top 5?

"Michigan and Iowa State. I have been talking to Coach Smith at Michigan a lot lately, and I have built a great bond with him. And I like Iowa State's offense. They run an offense that is real similar to ours."

Has each one of his top five schools offered?

"Yes sir, a bunch of them offered me. Georgia Tech, Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss, South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Iowa State, Stanford, Duke, Texas Tech, just a bunch of them have offered me so far."

If the 5' 10", 175-pound tailback had to pick one school that is showing him the most interest right now who would it be?

"Arkansas. I just talk to their coaches the most. They are always trying to get me to come up there, like this weekend. I am probably going to go up there this weekend to look at their campus."

Where has Nealy visited before?

"I have not taken any visits yet. I am going to start setting up my official visits in September and hopefully by the end of my senior season I will have a decision."

Is it fair to say that Arkansas is the leader right now?

"I would say that Arkansas is one, Ole Miss two, and then I would say that Michigan and Auburn are interchangeable at three and four. Iowa State would be number five."

How would DeVondrick describe his game?

"I make the first person miss and then I can run over the next guy. My speciality is going the long distance but I am a pretty good all around back. I need to work on my strength. I am not weak, but I am not very strong either. I can bench around 280 but my squat is not but about 350. I just need to work on my lower body strength and some upper body too. I need that extra strength for when it is like 3rd and 3. That is my main goal this offseason is just to get stronger in general."

Nealy rushed for over 1, 900 yards and 21 TD's while averaging just under 10 yards a carry. He was named to the 2nd Team All-State squad in the state of Florida for his own the field accomplishments.

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