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Malik Hairston Scouting Report

Malik Hairston

Detroit Renaissance Coach Mark White calls Malik his own version of Jalen Rose. In a recent article, the Detroit News' Tom Markowski also mentioned the similarities between Malik and Jalen. Prep Spotlight's Vince Baldwin somewhat agreed with the aforementioned comparison, calling Malik a cross between Jalen and Scottie Pippen. AAU coach Durand Walker uses Malik as a point-forward on his team, The Family. The overriding theme in all of these descriptions is VERSATILITY!<br><br> New pictures

When describing Malik, Vince offered the following, "He is probably the most versatile player in the state of Michigan. He's able to play a little bit of the 1, a little bit of the 2, and a little bit of the 3. Plus, he's able to check a power forward because he's so long and plays good defense in the post." I had heard descriptions such as that previous to seeing Malik for myself. When I... Recommended Stories

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