Bellamy Planning Northern Visit

Mike Bellamy

Punta Gorda (FL) Charlotte RB Mike Bellamy is one of the most explosive athletes in the 2011 class and Michigan is among those giving chase. The Wolverines are in the early stages of their courtship, but there is definite interest on the part of this Sunshine State speedster.

Sam Webb:  Have you been hearing anything from Michigan?

Mike Bellamy:  "Yes they had offered me my sophomore year. I've heard from them a couple of times but not that much yet."

Sam Webb:  Did they tell you what position they offered you for, running back or slot?

Mike Bellamy:  "Yeah running back."

Sam Webb:  What do you know about the Wolverines?  Have you watched them very much? 

Mike Bellamy:  "I've watched them a couple of times before.  I do not know too much about them yet.  I know they run the ball a little bit."

Sam Webb:  I know you've got a ton of offers right now.  Have you taken any visits yet, do you plan on taking any visits during the spring?

Mike Bellamy:  "Yeah.  I plan on taking a visit up to Michigan and Alabama and stuff like that.  I'm trying to leave out of Florida."

Sam Webb:  Why are you trying to get out of Florida?

Mike Bellamy:  "I'm just talking for my visits right now.   I can drive to mostly all the Florida schools."

Sam Webb:  So when you say you trying to get up to Michigan, do you mean that you are trying to do that for an official visit or for one of your unofficial visits?

Mike Bellamy:  "For an official."

Sam Webb:  Are there any schools that are sticking out for you at this point?

Mike Bellamy:  "Alabama, Georgia, Florida, USC and Miami."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to make a decision close to signing day? 

Mike Bellamy:  "Yeah I'm going to wait all the way to the end."

Sam Webb:  Tell me what you're looking for.  When you look at these schools, what's going to separate one school from all the rest when you get ready to make that decision?

Mike Bellamy:  "They are not going to redshirt me as a freshman and who can give me the ball pretty much."

Sam Webb:  I've seen you play, but pretend for a second that you're a scout and you're sitting in the stands and you watching Mike Bellamy do his thing on the field; what do you see?  Give us a scouting report?

Mike Bellamy:  "I compare myself to Percy Harvey and CJ Spiller, because I can go out and catch the ball.  I can run the ball.  I can run you over if you get in my way.  I'm just pretty much both of them put together.  I see myself as a running back.

Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you when you get ready to make your choice?

Mike Bellamy:  "Not at all."

Sam Webb:  How does your mom feel about distance?

Mike Bellamy:  "Yeah she do not mind."

Sam Webb:  As far as your process is concerned, who is helping you with this decision? 

Mike Bellamy:  "It's pretty much my family and my coach, whoever, I feel comfortable with.  But it'll be where I want to go to.  Pretty much wherever I want to go." Recommended Stories