Michigan Showcase: The MVPs

Michigan Showcase: The MVPs

The Michigan Showcase, presented by the Sound Mind, Sound Body Academy, had 400+ kids from several states and included some great performances from top recruits, sleepers and underclassmen alike. Here are Scout's MVPs.

DeAnthony Arnett / WR / Saginaw (MI)
2011 - (6'0, 170)
Arnett had a basketball game the night before and practice later in the day, but came anyway simply because he wanted to compete. He then went out and justified his high national ranking. He's silky smooth and is one of the best double move guys I've seen. He has great body control, fluidity and ball tracking skills. He still needs to get stronger, but guys who try to press him have difficulties because he's so quick off the line and tough to get hands on.

Bill Greene: He's the best wide receiver I've seen since Kyle Prater and I think DeAnthony is better than a lot of the wide receivers I saw in San Antonio at the U.S. Army Game last January. He's got the ability to get in and out of his cuts with no hesitation at all. It doesn't matter if he's cutting left or right, he's equally as great putting his left foot or right foot in the ground and making a cut. He's got great speed, great hands, great body control. The only knock would be, he's got to develop upper body strength to play college football, but that will come. That's the easiest thing to do. I'd take him over a lot of those guys I saw at the Army Game.

Dave Berk: I liked his burst, quickness, speed, and how fluid he is. He's in total control. He's got total body control.

Chris Bryant / OL / Chicago Simeon (IL)
2011 - (6'5, 330)
Bryant plays guard in high school and is built more like an interior guy, but performed better when he was outside, at least in the 1-1s. He moves well for a kid his size. He's athletic, has good feet and what I really liked was that he took to the coaching and worked hard from start to finish. The coaches were really getting on him to use his punch and after that, that's when we saw his power and ability to just stone defensive linemen. He still needs more of that technical work, but he picks it all up really fast and when combined with his physical tools, he has a chance to be a really good college lineman.

Bill Greene:He was a kid I had never heard of until yesterday, and he sure impressed me with his footwork, strength, size. He's not the tallest guy, he'll play inside, but he can play. I can see why he has offers and there probably will be more coming. He's a powerful guy, big punch. You can tell he's been coached well.

Dave Berk: He has a good base and good technique. He needs to lose some upper body weight. He needs to drop 10-15 pounds, but he was dominating. He came as a guard, but played better as a tackle

Kenny Mullen / CB / Fort Wayne Bishop Luers (IN)
2011 - (5'9, 165)
Every event he comes to, Mullen shows he can hang with the best. He is comfortable playing man to man coverage and press man. He has good makeup ability and football smarts. He made several nice breakups, showing his ball skills as well.

Bill Greene:Kenny Mullen is a guy that impressed me. His skill set's high, but he impressed me more with work ethic, determination and drive. His talent is as good as anyone's, but what's going to separate him from everyone else is his attitude. He took as many reps as he could. Now, I wish he was a little bit more flexible, but he's a D1 defensive back. I really liked him a lot.

Dave Berk: He is fluid and has great hips and feet.

Damon Knox / DE / Muskegon (MI)
2011 - (6'5, 240)
Knox turned heads when he walked into the building because of his frame and intimidating demeanor. His play backed up his passing of the eye test. He is a good athlete for a kid with his size. He is aggressive and plays hard. He showed he could run past linemen and power through them. I think he needs more development as a pass rusher, but I like him and think he will pick up a few offers as we move along.

Bill Greene:Damon Knox was, if not, the most impressive defensive lineman, right there with Mason Fuller. Knox was probably more impressive grading him on the whole day, because he tested better and he looked better going through the drills. Knox was really good in 1-1s. He did not take as many reps as I would have liked to have seen, but he's an impressive kid. A definite D1 kid.

Jordan Diamond / OT / Chicago Simeon (IL)
2012 - (6'7, 270)
On the hoof, Diamond looks the part. He is tall, long and lean. The kind of kid who can add a lot of weight to his frame and still not look sloppy. He moves well for a kid his size and in 1-1s, he had a lot of success. He won the reps because he's athletic and aggressive. He really gets after it and has good natural strength. The ones he lost were because of technique. He is pretty advanced for a kid as young as he is. I have not seen much of him on tape, but if his on the field play matches what he showed at the Showcase, he will be a national type recruit next year.

Bill Greene: To me, Jordan was the best offensive lineman there. I would have narrowly voted him as the best over his teammate, Chris Bryant. For his age, he was really amazing. He was longer. He's another one that will be able to play outside at tackle. He can move his feet. He also has aggresssive and nastiness. He's a kid that can really jump up. He's someone I think we'll really raving about this time next year.

Dave Berk: He has all the things you want to see out of a tackle: long arms, long frame, great size and shows great feet. He still needs to work on technique, but he has all the tools to be a very, very good player.

Elijah Daniel / DE / Avon (IN)
2013 - (6'3, 220)
Elijah is a great physical speciman. He was the best athlete in the lineman camp and it really wasn't even that close. He has great speed, fluidity and explosiveness and he ran through the drills like they were nothing. In 1-1s, he got some people on his speed rush, but when the offensive lineman was able to get his hands on him, he had difficulties shedding. That said, he was a freshman going against juniors with offers and major college interest. His upside and his jaw dropping work in the drills is what earned him this distinction.

Bill Greene: He tested like nobody there. In Big Man testing (drills), he was as impressive going through drills as DeAnthony Arnett was in 1-1s. He was the best. Dave and I sat there and marveled at his athleticism and fluidity and speed for a kid of that size and that young. He got handled in 1-1s, which happens and it's to be expected when he's going against older players, but he didn't respond as I would want to see. I think that will change as he gets older and matures. His athletic skill set is at the top.

Dave Berk: Every drill he ran was crisp and done the way you want to see. He's a thoroughbred. He didn't do as well in 1-1s, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I think a young player goes through that against some of the older guys and it will make him better.

Scout.com will have more from the Michigan Showcase presented by the the Lifting as We Climb Foundation all week.

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