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U-M Lands Top Prospect In Five States


"Michigan got the top kid in Michigan, the top two in Ohio, the top one in Indiana, and the top one in Pennsylvania, and the top one in Missouri. I'd call that a good recruiting year!" So says former assistant recruiting coordinator Mark Ouimet, who knows a lot of Michigan's new signees first hand. Here is his 'story' on the recruiting of each one.

Lamarr Woodley. He's come to a lot of games the past few years. The bottom line is that Fred Jackson did a great job for two years on Lamarr. Whenever MSU went to see Lamar this past month, Jackson was right on their heels. We had Woodley in for a Junior day basketball game last winter -- I sat with him. Also a big influence on his recruiting: the firing by MSU of Bobby Williams. It also helped a... Recommended Stories