Another Instate Offer for Hicks

Another Instate Offer for Hicks

Two practices, two offers for Mylan Hicks this week. The Detroit Renaissance cornerback picked up an offer from Michigan State earlier this week and today, scored one from Michigan. One of the fastest rising prospects in the Midwest, the speedy cover man now has some options to consider.

What a week it has been for Mylan Hicks. Last weekend, he was one of the top performers at BadgerSport and New Level Athletics' 7-7 passing camp. Whether that performance was what did it or not, he has since picked up two offers from Big Ten schools which he is quite familiar with.

On Tuesday, the Michigan State Spartans extended a scholarship offer when Hicks came to their spring practice and today, Michigan did the same at their practice.

"Coach Rodriguez told me," Hicks explained, "He pulled me aside after got done with scrimmage. I talked to defensive backs coach (Tony Gibson) and Coach Singletary, but they were practicing, so I didn't talk to them that much. I talked to them more after."

The 5'10, 175-lb Hicks now has offers from the Wolverines, Spartans, Central Michigan, Vanderbilt, Eastern Michigan and Toledo. He says he does not currently have a favorite, but Michigan is a place he will consider heavily.

"The school overall is a pretty good school. I like it from a football aspect and education. Of course, they have a big stadium. It's somewhere I can fit it."

While watching the Wolverines practice, he paid close attention to their secondary and he liked what he saw out of the cornerbacks.

"Their DB's are good, I could see where I could fit in. I like their schemes and like the way they let the corners play bump and run and man. That's what I'm used to."

In the end, Hicks realizes it's a process. Schools like Notre Dame, Alabama, Wisconsin and others are still showing a lot of interest. With the options growing by the day, he is not in any hurry.

"Well, it really hasn't changed," he said of a timetable, "I'm not rushing. I don't really know when I'm going to pick a school, might be before the season, it might be during."

For now, he just plans to bask in the glow of the two latest offers.

"I mean, I got both of them in the same week. I'm very excited by both. It caught me by surprise, but to have both is a wonderful feeling."

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