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Eugene Germany: Decision Made; Will Announce Weds

As those who have followed recruiting for some time will attest, as time moves closer to National Signing Day, which is Wednesday, Feb. 2, strange events occur that leave fans scratching their heads and considering buying stock in companies that make antacids and pain-relievers. This year is no exception. <br><br> <b>Eugene Germany</b> of Pomona, Calif., has made his decision <i>again</i>. What schools are on the final list, and will Michigan be the bridesmaid again? <br>

"Eugene knows where he wants to go, and will let everyone know on Signing Day," John Brown, assistant coach at Pomona High School said. "It is down to Kansas State and Michigan. I think things are looking good for Michigan now, but I know as of last week he had Kansas State at No. 1; we'll just have to wait until he announces on Wednesday." Michigan fans were left standing at the alter last... Recommended Stories