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Next Up For Recruiting Decisions -- Blue Brandons

Brandon Harris -- #15!

U-M's commitments stand at 14 -- but GoBlueWolverine Magazine is ticking our total to 16 with Brandons <b>Harrison</b> (today) and <b>Logan</b> (this week)<br><br> Next: <b>Antonio Bass</b>? The only in-person coverage for the past few weeks on Bass has been here at GBW So stay tuned.<br><br> Or is <b>Macho Harris</b> next? Stay tuned as this one twists & turns.<br><br> And <b>Nick Harris</b> is finished visiting as well. Don't go far from GBW as he makes his Dec. Decision.<br><br>

Picking Michigan today as commitment #15: Cornerback Brandon Harrison (Dec. 10 official visit, OSU Nike stats: 5-8 1/2, 190 lbs., 4.25 in the 40, 4.28 sec. shuttle, 37.3 inch vertical jump, 18 bench press reps. ... 10.6 100 meters, 315 lb. bench... Recommended Stories

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