GBW Calif. Road Trip, Day Three: Edward Dickson

GBW Calif. Road Trip, Day Three: Edward Dickson

Our Spring Practice Road Trip moves south to Bellflower, Calif. High School where we chatted with tight end/defensive end <b>Edward Dickson</b>. Also, comments from Buccaneer head coach Brian Mustain regarding his star player. There is a Michigan connection for both, and GoBlueWolverine Magazine fills you in.<br><br> <b>Photos Included</b>.

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The GoBlueWolverine Magazine Spring Road Trip moved south approximately 35 miles to Bellflower, Calif. High School to catch up with tight end/defensive end Edward Dickson. In typical L.A. time the trip took about two and half hours in mid-day traffic but the effort was rewarded. While the team is not participating in spring drills due to the fact they are in the process of searching for a head coach, GBW was able to visit with Dickson on campus and speak with outgoing head coach Brian Mustain.

"I have offers right now from all the Pac-10 schools except for USC and UCLA," the 6 foot 6, 220 pound Dickson said. "I also have offers from Michigan, Duke, and Boston College. Most of the schools are recruiting me for tight end but some are recruiting me for defensive end. Boston College is recruiting me for wide receiver and told me they want me to be the next Keyshawn Johnson."

Dickson certainly passes the look test and carves an imposing figure. Once the conversation begins, though, a quiet person with an engaging smile comes out. He seems uncomfortable with the attention but warms up as he talks. "I just love football," he said. "I love catching the rock."

Dickson didn't take up the game until his freshman year of high school. He is a basketball player who finally decided to take a shot on the gridiron and while he still plays hoops, he now knows his college future is with football. "He's just an amazingly talented athlete," Brian Mustain, outgoing football coach at Bellflower, said. "He first came out as a freshman and while he was a raw talent, you could just see he had natural skills for the game. By the middle of his sophomore year he was starting for us on varsity."

Mustain went on to describe Dickson's unique attributes. "He's a 6-6 kid with 4.6 speed, you don't find many people his size with that kind of speed," he said. "He plays both wide receiver and tight end for us on offense and could probably do either or both in college. He has great hands and is terrific at catching balls in traffic. He has a 31 inch vertical leap and that is with both feet flat, no step. One thing that he really excels at is pass blocking. He does it well at the tight end and wide receiver positions. He also plays on special teams for us, except kickoff and kick return. He is also our punter and punt returner. He leads the team in special teams tackles.

"The thing he'll need to work on most at the next level are his routes," Mustain said. "At the high school level you can get away with a lot but it's not the same in D-1, he'll need to be more precise in his route running. His biggest challenge will be in the classroom. He's a C-B student now and he takes his SAT soon so we'll see how that goes, but he needs to focus more in the classroom. A few schools like USC and UCLA are waiting to see how he does on his test before making an offer."

Even though Dickson weighs in at 220 pounds, Mustain doesn't feel he's done. "He came into weight training about the middle of March this year around 202-205," he said. "He went to the USC Junior Day and I told the 'SC coaches he was at that weight. They called me back and said he weighed in at 220. It's all muscle, there is no fat on the kid. I think he'll eventually end up around 240, but if he makes it up to 250 or so, and keeps close to the speed he's at now, he'll make a great defensive end."

Dickson said he has no favorites and is just excited about the chance to go to college and play football. He does still play basketball and is on a traveling team this summer, which may interfere with the opportunity to go away to any school camps. "I will probably go to the USC camp," he said. "But I'll be playing basketball and going to summer school so I'll be pretty busy. I do hope I can make it back for the Michigan camp but I'm not sure."

The big man does have family in Michigan and said that will be an important factor in his decision. "I could easily pick Michigan because of my family that is there," he said. "It's a big possibility." He also added that he's taken notice of the fact that Michigan has a top good football program along with one of the top business schools in the country. He said he would like to major in business. Dickson lives with his aunt and uncle, who may not mind if he ventures beyond California. "He's lived with his aunt forever," Mustain said. "I think she really wants him to leave so he can flex his wings."

Mustain also has a connection to Michigan. "I played for Ron English when he was coaching at Mt. San Antonio College," he said. "So it's nice to have someone you know walk through the doors of the school, someone you can honestly tell a kid he's a good coach and a good person because I've known him for so long." Mustain is moving on, though. He has accepted the head coaching position at Beckham High School in Orange County. Bellflower High School has yet to find a replacement.

Dickson said he will probably make his decision sometime after the season.

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