Open Run Pics (Part 2)

Final installment to the photo recap of the recent open gym at Crisler. Needless to say, the excitement around the arena continues to grow!

Courtney scores over Goran Sutton
Lester goes hard to the hole!
Al Horford and Graham brown get a little physical with Joe Joe!
Al posts up Courtney Sims
Joe attempts to cut off Dion's path to the hole
Smart move Courtney. Keep the basket between you and Brent!
It's like rain! Even with Sherrod getting a hand in Danny's face.
One of the prettiest jumpers you'll ever see.
Joe shows his hops even when he's draining the 3!
This time Danny drives and drops the sweet dime to Mathis!
Joe goes up for the oop as my man Vince Baldwin looks on
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