Beilein Saw the Possibilities in Italy

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John Beilein sat down with GoBlueWolverine’s Sam Webb recently to recap his team’s foreign exhibition tour. Michigan’s eighth-year headman shed light the vast cultural experiences his players had, the role definition beginning to take hold, the performances turned in by his young big men, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  Coach, just looking at some of the pictures and tweets, man it really seems like your team obviously a lot from the on the court experience, but it seems like you got a ton from your off the court experience as well. John Beilein:  “I’ve done several of these trips and this was the fifth one, the group itself was extremely engaged into the history and culture of Italy.  You just sort of watch around and certainly sightseeing is different to everyone.  Whether we were at the Coliseum or at St. Peter’s Basilica or wherever we were, they were engaged.  It really showed that they see the world, themselves a different picture than some young adults that you might find sometimes.  I was really enthused by the overall, what we were able to get done on the trip, both on the court and as far as discovering you just don’t live in this little box here in Ann Arbor or the United States.  There are so many other things happening and have happened in the world.” Sam Webb...