Morgan: Lack of execution beat Michigan

Junior Linebacker Desmond Morgan talks about Michigan's loss to Michigan State, and what they need to do to be a better football team.

The Michigan Wolverines came in with an extra week of preparation to play the Spartans of Michigan State, but it didn't even matter. Desmond Morgan talked about what he felt were the reasons for Michigan's loss.

"Lack of execution on both sides of the ball," he said. "I know I can speak specifically as a linebacker for the defense. There's opportunities we had that we just didn't capitalize on. When you don't capitalize in a game like this obviously things are not going to turn out the way you like."

With a rivalry such as this game between Michigan and Michigan State the word "physical" will always come up. It was talked about for most of the week leading up to yesterday. The Wolverines played physical, but judging from the game Michigan State seemed MORE physical. Morgan feels they were physical but once again it comes back to execution.

"I think our guys came in with a mentality to be physical," he said, "and I think they did play physical. Like I said it was a lack of execution -- there are things we needed to capitalize on, opportunities that we had, that we didn't come through on -- and that's what hurt us."

Michigan's Raymon Taylor intercepted the ball in Michigan State's territory in the second half to give the ball back over to Devin Gardner and the offense. But the offense did not take advantage of it and stalled on three straight plays. That was one single series among many that you could place blame on the offense. Morgan doesn't see it that way however, and talked more of what the defense could have done better as opposed to placing blame on the offense.

"I am not thinking of one play in specific; it is holding the rope on both sides of the ball, it is a team sport for a reason. I can speak more on behalf of the defense because I play that -- there were opportunities we had to hold our end up and to capitalize and stop them. We had some key third downs and we didn't do it."

In a game of this degree there are going to be emotions, frustrations out on the field of play. After a loss like that Michigan has all of those feelings running through them. But this team has to find a way to get past this game -- with four games left the Wolverines still have something to play for.

"Any game that you play in, especially in a game of this magnitude, there is going to be a lot of emotion. Anger and frustration are both emotions that run through my mind right now. But at the end of the day you have to move forward. We have four more important games on our schedule and a great matchup with Nebraska next week."

Consistency was a point of contention yesterday as the Michigan D not was able to get off the field on some third downs or make key plays. Twice on the MSU drive towards the end of the first half Michigan had a chance at two interceptions but did not take advantage to stop the Spartans. They had to show a sense of urgency on those plays to keep the game close.

"I think a lot of it is just consistency on our end; we can't stop them and stop them and then give up a big play. We got to be consistent on first down through fourth down, whatever it may be. We can't have a break or mess up on a missed assignment; that's what it comes down to."

The issue of both the offense and defensive lines came into play as to why they didn't get the job done. Once again Morgan turned down the chance to place blame and just talked about the overall team performance on this tough day.

"I not going to put it solely on the offensive or defensive lines or anything like that. As players we need to improve on things obviously. There are things we can capitalize on as linebackers pass coverage-wise, things like that. There are a lot of things we need to clean up on that."

Michigan has a lot to think about after a game like this, all parties involved have blame directed towards their efforts and towards what they didn't accomplish against Michigan State. And The Wolverines have to think fast -- there's another big game coming up next weekend.

Desmond Morgan on Michigan's 29-6 loss to Michigan State

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