Media tabs U-M to win Legends; OSU to win B1G

Devin Gardner

Since the Big Ten stopped conducting its preseason media poll a few years back the Cleveland Plain Dealer took up the task of polling the reporters that cover the respective teams. Arch rivals Michigan and Ohio State are predicted to duke it out for supremacy.

Predictions, with total points and first-place votes

Leaders Division
1. Ohio State 155.5 (26)
2. Wisconsin 128 (1)
3. Penn State 104
4. Indiana 74.5
5. Purdue 52.5
6. Illinois 31.5

Legends Division
1. Michigan 135.5 (14)
2. Nebraska 132.5 (14)
3. Michigan State 101.5 (4)
4. Northwestern 95.5
5. Iowa 43
6. Minnesota 38

Big Ten Championship picks
Ohio State over Nebraska (12)
Ohio State over Michigan (11)
Ohio State over Michigan State (2)
Michigan over Ohio State (1)

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