Demens Sees Bright Future for UM LBs & RBs

Demens Sees Bright Future for UM LBs & RBs

Former Michigan LB Kenny Demens is hard at work at Performance Enhancement Professionals in Scottsdale, AZ preparing for Michigan's pro day. He took time out of his busy schedule to join GoBlueWolverine's Sam Webb on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA earlier this week to discuss his training, his thoughts on the promising futures of Joe Bolden, James Ross, Chris Bryant, Drake Johnson, and more.

On his improvement over the past few months…

“I feel like just being out here and being away from my boys back at home and family… I’m kind of isolated here... just me and the guys that I’m training with… I’m more focused.  It’s football and eat healthy… that’s one big change I was happy to see right off the bat.  I got here January 2nd, the day after the bowl game.  From that moment going forward to now my diet has changed so drastically.  I lost 3% body fat already.  (I’m) moving a lot better. I’m more lean.  These guys down here are just like back at home at Michigan… they focus on details.  When you focus on details you can do whatever you want to. Everything in general has been a blessing down here.”

On the scouting report on Kenny Demens heading into pro day…

“As far as strength goes, that’s one of my advantages. Whether it’s coming downhill or in the weight room, or just fighting linemen and getting up under his chin or the running back’s chin… I feel like in that department I don’t think I’m perfect, but I’m B+/A- maybe.  It’s obvious that when scouts or coaches are looking at me in their office I’m pretty sure they’re saying things like, ‘how is he in space? How does he move? How is his speed?  That’s one of the first things that the trainer down here, Ian Danney had me work on. Hips, flexibility, and just being comfortable in space. I’ve come a long way.  I feel like that’s something that I have improved on.”

On the NFL players he has worked with and gotten advice from…

“I would say right off the bat you have Rod Hood who I think plays for St. Louis. LaMarr Woodley… I already knew him.  He’s a great mentor, he’s a great guy, he’s a Michigan guy, (and) he knows what it takes to be successful at the next level.  You just pick these guys minds. You have Tim Tebow who is an awesome guy.  He is everything that the hype was about as far as being a great individual LaRon Landry works out here. It’s just a great atmosphere. Jermichael Finley… all those guys are great guys.  I see why they are a part of this program down here.”

On the young linebackers at Michigan…

“First of all I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of young guys come in so Michigan ready, just so hungry.  They’ve got that ‘it’ factor.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.  Those guys came in (and were) quick learners and understood what was going on. It was nice to have Joe Bolden coming in there and not have me play 70 – 80 snaps per game. To have him actually go in there and produce... that’s something big right there.  The same thing with ‘Biggs’ (i.e. James Ross).  Desmond Morgan went down in a game this year; Biggs came in and stepped up like a man.  I feel like on both sides of the ball I can’t wait to watch Michigan on TV.”

“There’s no doubt these guys are going to be good next year.”

On the young offensive lineman that made the biggest impression…

“You know what… I’ve always been a fan of Chris Bryant.  That has been my favorite offensive lineman since his freshman year.  I remember his freshman year he was on scout team… whenever he pulled, I don’t care if you were Mike Martin, Ryan Van Bergen, myself, whoever… when Chris Bryant pulled, you were nervous.  You were nervous!  Chris Bryant brings the pain.  There’s no doubt about it.  All he has to do is stay healthy.  That is my favorite lineman right now.”

On the young running backs…

“First of all, Drake Johnson is another player who gave us problems on scout team.  Drake was one of those guys that when Coach Mattison ripped our butts wide open it was because Drake Johnson more than likely did his thing, got loose on us… whatever it was.  Drake is going to be a great player.  I like his style.  He runs hard.  If he sees me in the hole he is going to bring me his all and that was big coming from an 18-year old.”

Justice Hayes… he is nice. Really nice.  I hope Michigan can get him in space. Thomas Rawls had a year to get some carries under his belt and I feel like next year he is going to be comfortable back there when he is in the game and just make it happen.”

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