UM Commits Probe Green (with video)

UM Commits Probe Green (with video)

Michigan commits Jake Butt, Chris Fox, Dymonte Thomas, and Jourdan Lewis reflect on the Army All American experiences, then and Lewis turn their attention to Derrick Green. Their question was simple... where does Michigan stand?

Recruiting Notes

So Mr. Green, let’s get you on the mic. Clearly, you were the man of the hour, with all these young guys, so how much pressure did they put on you?

Derrick Green: "Unbelievable pressure, man. They hounded me every day, ‘Michigan, Michigan, Michigan’, but I mean, I love these boys, they’re like my brothers, and I just – it was a great opportunity to be out here and play with these guys."

So are you going to take these last two visits? Is it possible that you won’t? I mean, where are you with that?

Derrick Green: "I’m thinking I will take the two. I still have two out there, and I’m still looking at some other schools, so I think I will take the last two officials."

Do you know which schools you’re going to visit?

Derrick Green: "Not right now."

What about your announcement deal? Clearly, you didn’t do it here, so what are you going to do back home? Have you picked out a place? Have you picked out a date?

Derrick Green: "My mom is setting something up right now. I haven’t picked out a date, but it’s definitely going to be this month, so when I pick a date, I’ll let all the media know, and put it out on Twitter and stuff like that."

About three days ago, you said Michigan was number one. The fellas just put it on you, and you said ‘don’t get ahead of yourself’. Have things changed since a few days ago?

Derrick Green: "Michigan, they’re still the leader. They’re up there, like I said, I mean, but other schools are still in the mix." Recommended Stories

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