Borges, O, will do what it takes (w/video)

Borges, O, will do what it takes (w/video)

Scoring 12 points in game without a single sniff at the end zone would normally be concerning for an offensive coordinator. Not Al Borges.

Some would describe Michigan's offensive performance in their 12-10 win over Michigan State Saturday as an old school Big Ten slugfest. Two great defenses that were getting after it and not allowing either offense to take control of the football game.

Others might consider the terms "boring" or "predictable."

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges? Well, he has his own take after his offense managed to muster four field goals and zero touchdowns.

"It certainly wasn't flashy," Borges said. "But there were some good plays. We played a very close to the vest football game offensively and it was, by my own admission, conservative."

Michigan State's defense, which ranks 5th in the country in total defense, routinely loaded the box with 7, 8 and sometimes even 9 defenders putting the Wolverines rushing attack at a stand still with several tackles for loss.

Early in the first half Denard Robinson was nearly successful in attacking the secondary on a successful double move out of wide receiver Devin Gardner but the first year pass catcher was able to haul it in. With the lack of completions down the field, the Spartans were able to continue to pin their ears back and collapse Michigan's backfield.

"When you're a running team, which we really are, there's always points in the game where you have to have some bombs land or at least put the fear of the good Lord in them that they got to play looser," said Borges.

"Otherwise it just gets tougher and tougher to run the ball," added Borges.

Even with Michigan State's constant and successful run blitzes that hindered the Wolverines read option plays in the backfield, the strategy never changed.

"It may not be as pretty as everybody wants, but we are going to do what it takes to win football games here," said Borges. "And if it's not as pretty as everybody likes, well so be it. That's how we're going to coach football."

Junior running back Fitz Toussaint continues to struggle and Saturday was no different. Toussaint accounted for just 52 total rushing yards, 38 of which came on one carry in the first half. Borges admitted Tuesday that the Wolverines were hoping the big run early might spring board Fitz and left open the possibility of getting powerful sophomore Thomas Rawls more carries moving forward.

"Don't get me wrong—we're still looking for opportunities to play Thomas," said Borges. "That's still on the shelf. And Fitz was running pretty good. He popped through there a few times and darn near broke one, or did break one, and didn't quite take it all the way but he was starting to feel pretty good about it and we wanted to give him every chance to break another one."

To watch video of Borges Tuesday press conference, press play below. Recommended Stories