Bielfeldt joined by his friends

Bielfeldt joined by his friends

Michigan redshirt freshman forward Max Bielfeldt is looking to contribute this season. He talks about playing AAU ball with Mitch McGary (and Glenn and Spike), and about a 2-post versus a 4-guard offense.

GBW: How did you grow going through your redshirt season?

Max Bielfeldt: "The things I learned were really valuable. The biggest things were the transition to college life. From plays, to scouting, to getting used to the physicality and quickness … it's almost like having everyone is talented like a really good AAU team. With everyone being a big time D-1 basketball player. Just kind of learning how everyone interacts with each other. And how they were lead by Zack (Novak) and Stu (Douglass) and stuff. So that was really big."

GBW: What are your expectations going into your redshirt freshman season?

Max Bielfeldt: "I try not to say—Oh I want 20 minutes a game. I think I'm just kind of the guy that I know if I go in everyday and I just do what I need to do, that it will pay off. That's why I am here right now. That is what worked for me personally."

GBW: Weren't you and Mitch McGary friends prior to him joining Michigan?

Max Bielfeldt: "Yeah we played (AAU Together), me, Mitch, Glenn (Robinson III) Spike (Albrecht.)"

GBW: So what's that like playing college ball together?

Max Bielfeldt: "First of all it's weird that it all happened that way. I mean you normally play on an AAU team and everyone goes their own route. When you have four guys who you knew prior to (college), from different areas, Illinois, Indiana or whatever. It just pretty cool to have them all on one team."

GBW: How much more comfortable does this make you on the court? You have been playing with these guys for years.

Max Bielfeldt: " You kind of know more about them. You spend more time with them here then you ever did in AAU. I kind of knew a lot about them before they came in here, so I knew what to expect, which is the main thing. Just kind of the relationship I had with them before was a plus."

GBW: Any of the other freshmen stick out to you individually?

Max Bielfeldt: "I have seen Nick (Stauskas) Glenn, and a little bit of Spike. (Spike) wasn't on the team I was playing on that year. Between Nick and Caris (Levert), I think they are both really good. I wouldn't say anyone has completely stood out more than the other. I think we got a really good class."

GBW: When you were in high school and AAU, did you play mainly a two post player offense?

Max Bielfeldt: "Yeah we did. Me, Mitch, and a kid named Jared Smoot, he goes to Navy now. We kind of all rotated in there. We kept it two post most of the time."

GBW: Now that you are returning more to a two post offense, is it more of a return of what you are used to playing?

Max Bielfeldt: "Yeah I'd say so. Even my high school team, we used a two post offense. I've gotten used to the four guard offense here. Going back to that is going to be more natural for me. Think of this, I only have one year of one post offense under my belt. I have a dozen or so years of two (post offense.)"

GBW: How much more difficult does that make your team to defend?

Max Bielfeldt: "I think it's going to be a big plus for our team this year. It's something we really haven't had as much in the past. It's going to be interesting to see how it works out versus big time competition. We have just kind gotten to play against each other so far. So (will) see how it goes along. I think it's going to be good." Recommended Stories

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