Crete-Monee Riding High

Crete-Monee Riding High

If you really want to get familiar with one of the top teams in Illinois, Crete-Monee High, you can check out highlights of two games inside.

As Illinois teams begin to gear up for the playoff, Crete-Monee is undefeated.

Several of the top players are listed below, and you can check out game film against Moline.

2013 WR Laquon Treadwell #6 (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Florida, Notre Dame)
2014 LB Nyles Morgan #5 (Notre Dame, Illinois, Vanderbilt, UCLA)

2013 DB Jaylen Dunlap #1 (Indiana, Illinois)

2013 WR Lance Lenoir #7 (Grand Valley State, St. Johns, Indiana)

And you can also check out Crete-Monee's most recent game, which comes on the heels of Treadwell receiving his Under Armor All-American Jersey and naming his top five.

Those top five are Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Michigan State and Ole Miss.

Check out Crete-Monee vs. Rich East below. (Oh, and make sure you check out 2:15 in for a one-handed grab by Treadwell)

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