Nicholson All About the Team (Part 2)

Montae Nicholson

In part two of our interview with Monroeville (PA) Gateway DB Montae Nicholson after his squad's loss to North Allegheny, the Keystone State star discusses the impact the offer from Ohio State has had on his recruitment, his relationship with Michigan, his decision timeline, and more. -- (with video)

Sam Webb: I know when it comes to the team and when it comes to the season that you put recruiting on the backburner, but you almost can’t avoid it when coaches are coming by your school, can you recall how many have made it by your school here in the last few weeks or so?

Montae Nicholson: "Actually, I haven’t really met any coaches the last few weeks, there were more towards last spring, so like you said, recruiting is on the tail end, I’m just focused about going first week section, going down to Heinz (Field), and then states."

Sam Webb: Now, as far as Michigan is concerned, have they maintained contact with you? Have you heard from them any time recently?

Montae Nicholson: "Yes, definitely. I’ve heard from Coach Singletary a lot and Coach Funk. They hit me up on Twitter and Facebook and things like that."

Sam Webb: What’s the vibe like with your primary recruiter, Coach Funk, what do you think of Funk?

Montae Nicholson: "He’s great – just a great guy to be around. He’s a lot like I am, he’s joking around, but when it comes to football, he’s very serious."

Sam Webb: What about Singletary, did you get a chance to meet him? You met him this summer at the camp?

Montae Nicholson: "Yes I did. Just like Coach Funk, he does joke around a little more, but there’s always a time and place and both of them always figure out the right time and place."

Sam Webb: Now I know when we talked before you said you were a Columbus native. That Ohio State offer came through. How did that affect you? What was the feeling?

Montae Nicholson: "It was great. Ohio State is a fantastic school and a fantastic program. The coaches are outstanding. Honestly, it really didn’t change my recruiting. It was just an offer that was great to get, but during the season, it’s Gateway football, not any colleges. It’s Gateway football time."

Sam Webb: Are you going to get a chance to make it out to any college games this fall? You want to visit any schools for their games?

Montae Nicholson: "Yes, I just recently, a few weeks ago, I went to Ohio State, their first game against Miami (Ohio). I went to Pitt to watch them play Virginia Tech."

Sam Webb: Ok, do you have any plans for making it up to Ann Arbor?

Montae Nicholson: "Definitely."

Sam Webb: When do you think you might do that?

Montae Nicholson: "I believe I’m going up there for the Michigan-Michigan State game."

Sam Webb: You said recruiting is on the backburner for now. When the season is over and you start to look at it again, give me an idea of what the process is going to look like. Look ahead to after the season after you win the state title. You win the state title, hoist the trophy, what then? What becomes of your recruiting process at that point?

Montae Nicholson: "Well, I’m going to weigh my options and opportunities of each college, look at what they can offer, look at academic programs, the help that I’ll get, and some distance from home. I don’t think that will make a difference, the best college for me is the best college for me."

Sam Webb: Mom said she wanted you in a four to six hour radius (laughter).

Montae Nicholson: "Whatever decision I make, she stands by me."

Sam Webb: When you get ready to sit down and make that decision, is timing going to be an issue, what I mean by that is, do you plan on making a decision this year, or are you going to be thinking about it with a gameplan maybe waiting until your senior season to make a decision?

Montae Nicholson: "Probably before December before my senior year, a little bit into my senior, but that’s just a rough (estimate)."

Sam Webb: And then this is the last question, give me your thoughts on Michigan. What do you think about Michigan? What do you know about Michigan? What do you like about Michigan?

Montae Nicholson: "I went up there a few times for their camp and for the BBQ. The coaches are just phenomenal, you know, they’re just so likable. You can get along with them so easy and the Big House is outstanding. The stadium alone is just fantastic. I’ve watched Michigan ever since their first game, and what they’ve been doing is just great. I could see myself up there." Recommended Stories