Nicholson All About the Team (video, Part 1)

Montae Nicholson

GoBlueWolverine made it down to the Keystone State last Friday to catch the battle between #2 Monroeville (PA) Gateway and #1 North Allegheny. GoBlueWolverine caught up 2014 Gateway DB Montae Nicholson after his squad's disappointing 14-3 loss. In part one of this two-part feature the Michigan target reflects upong the hard fought contest and discusses the growth of his game. -- (with video)

Sam Webb: Montae, it was a big game tonight. I know it was a tough loss out there, just talk about the contest.

Montae Nicholson: "They won two state championships the last two years, so I can’t knock them. They’re a good team. We just didn’t come out and execute as we should have. Practice was better.  Next time, I think we’ll get it done."

Sam Webb: Coach was talking after the game and said he wasn’t mad at your effort out there. Did he talk about execution?

Montae Nicholson: "Yes, he said our effort was outstanding."

Sam Webb: Now, there was a pretty big conversion on their sideline where you caught a pass, it looked like you had a first down, the referee, it looked like he moved the ball back a little bit. Tell me what happened on that play, what did you see?

Montae Nicholson: “Our quarterback Thomas Wilson told me to run to the first down, and I told myself to run even further. I thought I was about two yards past the first down marker and apparently the refs… our coach always says ’we’re Gateway… we don’t get any calls.’ It shows.”

Sam Webb: So, coming back from a game like this, you’re disappointed, but it’s only one loss on the season and you guys have a lot of football ahead of you, what was the locker room like, what were the guys on the team like after this defeat?

Montae Nicholson: "After this defeat, we were just talking about what we were going to do, coming back from practice, work harder, put this loss behind us and look ahead to next week."

Sam Webb: Talk about yourself individually, leading up to this game, we’ve been hearing a lot about you.  How do you think you’ve been doing?

Montae Nicholson: "I think I’ve been doing pretty well.  I would say there is always room for improvement.  Coming from this loss I realize there are a few things I need to pick up on."

Sam Webb: For people who haven’t seen you play, they come watch you Gateway football, looking at Montae Nicholson specifically, what are they going to see? Kind of break down your whole game.

Montae Nicholson: "It all depends on who I’m playing. I study film a lot. We adjust a lot, even pregame, during game, practice. I always try to give 110%... just come hard every play."

Sam Webb: Alright, now give me an idea, is there a player in college or pros that maybe you can compare yourself to or that you try to emulate?

Montae Nicholson: "My idol in the NFL is Ed Reed. I like the way he plays. I like his whole persona."

Sam Webb: As far as your game, it looks like you can play a little receiver as well, are you looking to be a two way player?

Montae Nicholson: "I do whatever our team needs. If a team needs a receiver, I would do it; punter, I would do it. Originally I was supposed to go back deep for punt return and kick return, I’ll pretty much do anything."

Sam Webb: We saw you this summer and you had a fantastic camp up in Ann Arbor, talk about your progressions from then until now, I mean, how much did that camp help you? How much better of a player are you now than then?

Montae Nicholson: "I feel like I’ve transformed tremendously. Going to all those camps, and even the Michigan camp, every camp I learned something different. I brought it back here to just improve, not just me, but my secondary as a whole, so our coaches always say, we are the number one secondary in the state. I always try to take what I learn and bring it to the team."

Stay tuned for part two during which Nicholson discusses recruiting, his continued interest in Michigan, and more. Recommended Stories

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