Gianacakos Headed Upward

Gianacakos Headed Upward

St. Charles North (Ill.) offensive lineman Chase Gianacakos has only played two years of football, but is ahead of the curve and college coaches have noticed.

Chase Gianacakos looks on tape like a kid who will pick up a lot of interest from schools over the next two years, and when you factor in his relative inexperience with the game, it makes what he's doing on the field all the more impressive.

"I've only played two years of football," the 6'6, 280-lb junior said. "I was overseas. My dad works for an accounting firm, Ernst and Young, so I loved in Amsterdam for three months, Spain for two years, England, and Shanghai for three years."

After coming back to states and landing at St. Charles North High School, Gianacakos made the varsity team as a sophomore after only one year of learning the sport. His learning curve was accelerated this summer by the amount of hours he spent working on his craft, and that has been noticeable during his junior season.

"I definitely feel way more comfortable and way more confident. I trained hard for this year, got a speed trainer, and tried to get a lot faster. I did weight training and worked with a former NFL player that I met at the FBU Top Gun Camp, David Diaz-Infante. I had him come in three days and teach me pass block and run block techniques."

Knowing that he was behind because of how new he was to the game only made Gianacakos more dedicated to learning.

"I wanted to be a student of the game and learn more about my position because it is a very technical position. I'm coming in way more confident. I study my opponents now. I see my technique and always try to get better."

Colleges have seen his size, ability and dedication and recruiting has begun, and should continue to heat up as he moves through these next two years.

"School wise, I've been hearing from Michigan, Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan State, Northern Illinois, and a bunch of Division III, NAIA, D2 and 1-AA schools."

Over the summer, Gianacakos was invited to camps at Michigan State and Nebraska, but attended ones at Northern Illinois and the FBU camps where he says he received valuable instruction from coaches like Diaz-Infante.

His recruiting process became a little more real recently when he took his first unofficial visit.

"Minnesota invited me up to a game and I just went to an NIU game. It was really cool to see how the guys prepared for the game. Having that experience and them talking to me and wanting to talk to me and see how the year's going was great."

And this should only be the beginning.

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