J.T. Floyd receiving halftime texts (w/video)

J.T. Floyd receiving halftime texts (w/video)

Michigan senior cornerback J.T. Floyd is being counted on even more than before after the season ending injury to sophomore Blake Countess. Floyd talks about his relationship with Countess, advice he's receiving, and preparing for UMass this Saturday.

As a senior, J.T. Floyd was expected to be a leader on a relatively inexperienced defense heading into the 2012 season. After the season-ending knee injury to sophomore starter Blake Countess, that role has increased ten-fold.

"It's a tough blow because first of all he's a great person," said Floyd of Countess. "Outside of football, he's a great person. And I hate to see that happen to anybody."

"That's like my little brother," continued Floyd. "We have a great relationship."

For now Countess is watching his teammates from the outside looking in, unable to even be in the stadium let alone travel on the road when the Wolverines head to South Bend in a little over a week. Although Countess is physically away from his guys, mentally and digitally the sophomore corner is staying in touch.

"This past week I told him, you better text me at half time and let me know what you see," said Floyd. "Even though you're not there let me know, just so you can be a part of the team and still help out. And he did."

With halftime consisting of position meetings, an address from Head Coach Brady Hoke and almost assuredly a bathroom break, Floyd said he still found a little time to spare.

"I have about a twenty second window," said Floyd. "And I do it just for Blake. I just started, so hopefully since I'm doing it for a good reason coach will allow me to do it."

In a first half last Saturday that saw the Wolverines struggle to defend the triple option attack that Air Force employed, Countess' advice for the corners was on the money.

"He was just telling us about the cut blocks and not to fall asleep on the deep ball," said Floyd. "Even though they were running the ball a lot you don't want to fall asleep on the deep ball."

While the deep ball didn't hurt the Wolverines against Air Force, an expanded passing attack this Saturday from UMass could pose problems. But for Floyd and the defense, its just nice to get back to what they do best; playing their scheme.

"UMass is much more traditional style football," said Floyd. "They'll run the shotgun, they'll get under center some, they'll run some trips and throw the ball around a lot. They'll run the ball as well. It's nowhere near as much option."

"This is more of a traditional week of preparation as far as alignments and assignments and stuff like that," said Floyd.

Hopefully what Countess will be texting this coming halftime will be keep-it-up kudos.

To watch video of Floyd, press play below.

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