Robinson: "I've Got to Step it Up"

Robinson: "I've Got to Step it Up"

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson reflects upon his team's 41-14 loss to Alabama in the Cowboy Classic. **With Video**

Question: You mentioned throws; you didn’t mention running at all. Was part of the game plan not for you to run? Because you ran only twice in the first half, and only one of them was designed.

Denard Robinson: “Oh yeah, it was the game plan to run. I mean, it was a read. You have to read the play out, and if you get the pull read, run it. I mean, there was opportunities out there on the field.”

Question: Are you a little shocked at all how they overwhelmed you guys?

Denard Robinson: “I mean, we didn’t play Michigan football. They’re a great team, and I give credit to them, but we didn’t come to play to ball today, and you guys can see that we didn’t come to play ball today, and we have to bounce back from it.”

Question: What specifically do you feel like they did to maybe take you guys out of your game, or take you from playing Michigan football?

Denard Robinson: “I didn’t make the throws that I should have made today, and I feel like I didn’t play as a Michigan quarterback today, and I have to step it up and be more accountable.”

Question: Looking back, were there a few reads that you thought maybe you should have kept it on when you handed it off?

Denard Robinson: “Probably a couple, but not too many. I think they kind of played me a little bit today.”

Question: Did you feel comfortable early on? Because it looked like when you guys went to more of a spread out offense, you looked more comfortable then.

Denard Robinson: “I felt comfortable the whole time. I mean, I just didn’t make the right reads that I needed to make.”

Question: Were you surprised that you were not making the right reads?

Denard Robinson: “Oh yeah, I was mad – I was disappointed in myself, but it’s not just about me. But I know I have to hold myself to a higher expectation, so I have to be accountable, and I have to make sure I do what I have to do. When I come to watch film tomorrow, I have to learn from my mistakes, and move forward.”

Question: What did you guys take out of this game, or learn from this game?

Denard Robinson: “We can’t come out and play lightly. We have to come out and play Michigan football from the start, and you can’t take anybody lightly. I think that’s the biggest thing.”

Question: How do you feel you threw the ball today?

Denard Robinson: “I didn’t throw the ball well. I think I could have made a lot more better throws than I did today, and a lot of better reads.”

Question: Is there one that stands out that bothers you still?

Denard Robinson: “I think I threw a post to Devin, and I should have took Tree on a curl route, and I missed him on that. And then I missed one to Gallon; threw it too high after I did a back out, I have to try to put it in his hands. He had to jump for it, so that was too high. That was my fault.”

Question: When the passing isn’t working, does that get into your head off the running? Because it did look like you really didn’t take off much at all.

Denard Robinson: “No, I think it’s just getting in a rhythm. In football, you always have to get in a rhythm, and we didn’t have that rhythm tonight.”

Question: It looked like you were holding your shoulder at some point early in the game. Did it get dinged up at all?

Denard Robinson: “I’m alright. It was a little something, nothing serious.”

Question: Was it your back that you hurt? How are you feeling now?

Denard Robinson: “I think I just knocked the wind out of myself, that’s all.”

Question: What did you see on the pass where they took it back for a touchdown. What happened?

Denard Robinson: “Well, the safety dropped down, and the linebacker came back, and that’s how they got the interception. The safety came down, and I read the safety coming down, so I tried throw the post, and that’s when the linebacker jumped back and got that one. That was a bad read by me, and I have to learn from that.”

Question: What did you think of Devin at wide receiver today?

Denard Robinson: “I think he played pretty well. I mean, it was his first time playing in a real game at receiver, and we’ll see more from him hopefully.”

Question: You seemed to target him a lot. Is that out of design, or was it just that he was the guy?

Denard Robinson: “I mean, he was open. I have to give him the ball when he has a chance to, and I know he can make good plays. I know Gallon can make good plays; Roundtree and Drew Dileo, Jeremy Jackson, so I just have to make sure I get the ball to the guys who are playmakers.”

Question: How important is this to put out of everybody’s minds quickly and move forward?

Denard Robinson: “After tomorrow, we have to try to move forward, because we have a goal, and that’s to win the Big Ten, and in order for us to win the Big Ten, we can’t let Alabama beat us twice.”

Question: Do you think that could possibly happen? Is it that crushing of a loss that it could linger?

Denard Robinson: “It’s a big loss. I mean, nobody likes losing, so we have to try to bounce back from that, and everybody has to just focus and listen to our coaches. I know Coach Borges has a lot to say to me, because I didn’t play well.”

Question: How much of it was his game plan, though, that maybe you felt didn’t work?

“No, we had a great game plan; I just have to execute it, and we have to execute it as a team, and we didn’t execute as a team, and I feel like we didn’t play Michigan football.” Recommended Stories

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