Dymonte: Big Plays, Talk re Baseball *w/video

Dymonte: Big Plays, Talk re Baseball *w/video

Michigan commit Dymonte Thomas was in action Thursday night. The future Wolverine took time to speak with GoBlueWolverine about his performance, making big plays this season, his contact with the Michigan coaching staff, and his pending decision on graduating early or playing baseball and more***video interview/highlights included***

Thomas serves "Payback" in Marlington victory

Michigan commit and Marlington senior safety Dymonte Thomas starred on defense Thursday, as the Dukes came away with a last second touchdown to beat Poland Seminary 10-3.

Thomas led the Dukes with 12 tackles including a forced fumble late in the third quarter. He said the forced fumble tackle was "payback" from a cheap shot he received earlier in the game.

"Coach is telling us wherever a running back is open, he just wants me to take off in any gap I see and hit as hard as I can," Thomas told GoBlueWolverine.com. "I was already mad because when I got tackled when I fumbled (in the second quarter). And there (was a) cheap shot. I was already mad. And I was like, ‘I'm going to get payback on somebody.' So I saw a gap and I seen the fullback was going ahead of me. So I just took off full speed--saw a hole and just hit him. I lowered my shoulder, put my head on the ball and just drove my feet."

A five-star prospect and No. 4 safety in latest Scout.com rankings, Thomas said making big plays is going to be a big part of his senior season.

"Definitely. They always say big time players make big time plays in big time games," Thomas explained. "And that is one of the things I always look forward to and I do. I wasn't doing so good on offense. So I had to make it up on defense. Our offense was getting shut down a lot. And then we came big at the end of the game…and I just knew if we just stayed in there long enough and our defense just keeps hustling and getting to the ball and stopping them, that it would be a close game. And that is what exactly what we did."

Thomas also led the rushing attack for Marlington. He finished the game with 31 yards on 17 carries and was also 1-1 passing for 10 yards.

Contact with Michigan Coaches

Thomas said has continued to talk with the Michigan coaching staff on a weekly basis. He said he talks to defensive coordinator Greg Mattison the most.

"I talked to all of them," Thomas said. "I talk to coach Mattison once a week. That's my deal with him. And really we just talk about how he can't wait to get me up there at safety. And also he would like to try me a little at running back. He just said he likes giving me the ball sometimes. He just likes to see me make plays on defense also. He said the offensive guys want me, but he is not giving me up at safety."

Playing Two Sports?

Thomas said there is a possibility he could get drafted in the 2013 MLB amateur draft. He said baseball is only thing stopping him is gradating early to attend Michigan.

"I mean I was really thinking about it," Thomas said regarding his baseball future. "I may just graduate early and go play football—which is my passion—and try to make it to the NFL. While at the same time, I always want to have a backup plan in case one doesn't work. And I was talking to my dad about graduating early to get up at Michigan. He said if you want to do that, then you really got to think about not getting drafted for baseball. So now I am in a debate of, if I should leave? Or if I should go? I am really going back and forth with it."

As far as a decision timeline, Thomas said he will make a decision on his baseball future in the next week.

"Well my athletic director would like me to come in the second day of school and make a decision. So I've really got to get close to picking a decision."

For the complete Dymonte Thomas interview with Highlights click on the link below. Thomas will be wearing the No. 1 jersey in the highlights.

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