Trevon Bluiett sets the table: Part 1

Trevon Bluiett sets the table: Part 1

GBW met up with 2014 Park Tudor (IN) HS small forward Trevon Bluiett—who holds a Michigan offer—in his hometown recently to discuss his recruiting process. In part one, Bluiett discusses the grind of AAU, a discussion with his father, and a recent trip to Illinois and its comparison to U-M.

AAU season is a long and at times treacherous journey. In a five-day span, teams could play eight high-energy, competitive and nerve-wrecking basketball games.

For Indiana small forward Trevon Bluiett, a member of Spiece Indy Heat, the love of the game keeps him fighting through, yearning to improve as a player every single day.

"It was a pretty good experience playing with top level athletes in the country at the EYBL," said Bluiett. "It doesn't get any better than that. So it definitely exposes your weaknesses and tells you what you need to work on next year. I just feel blessed I was in that situation; but at the same time it was hectic going out every weekend at different places to play. But I love basketball so it was a pretty good experience."

One of the weaknesses in Bluiett's game last year was the ability to score in multiple ways and display overall versatility as a basketball player. With some labeling him as a "three-point shooter," Bluiett worked hard to improve his skill set, and he took to the court during AAU ready to show coaches the added dimension.

"I made it an emphasis to score off the bounce rather than just being a spot up three point shooter, cause I didn't want to be labeled just as that," said Bluiett. "I decided to add that to my game and add a little bit of versatility, so when I get to the next level in college I'm not just a shooter—I'll be much more."

College coaches routinely filled the stands for Bluiett's games, specifically during the July evaluation period. And as more schools became aware of the elevation in the young man's game, more calls, texts and offers came his way.

"It's been pretty hectic as well," said Bluiett. "But I've been liking every second of it. Coaches interested in you, calling you, texting you and all that type of stuff. That just shows what type of player you are to them and that kind of stuff. Its definitely a good feeling to have."

Part of what comes along with all of the attention is having conversations about schools that are interested. While Bluiett and his father Reynardo, who doubles as dad and coach for Spiece Indy Heat, planned on ironing a few details out in August, but that's not exactly how it went.

"Me and my dad kind of talked about it," said Bluiett. "At the same time we're still pushing it away. I think we're going to kind of be like procrastinators. We just talked about what kind of feel, how we feel about colleges and that type of stuff. That's really as far as we've gotten."

"At this point we've discussed every school," he continued. "Every school that's offered me has everything I like about them so there were rarely any dislikes. At that point we got nowhere with the thing, with the situation, cause I liked every school."

Having a father so in tune with the game of basketball, some might wonder whether or not Bluiett's dad offered his input on the matter.

"Not really," said Bluiett. "He leaves the decision up to me. He said I worked hard for it so I should get the decision. He's kind of letting me do this on my own and getting ready for when he's not with me."

A recent unofficial visit to Illinois gave Bluiett the opportunity to check out another campus after visiting Michigan in June. Turns out, the two Big Ten schools have similarities, with neither being able to gain an advantage at this stage in the process.

"They're kind of similar as far as big campus and a lot of students, basically die hard fans for the school," said Bluiett. "But Michigan is kind of a football and basketball school, where at Illinois it's kind of the same thing but more the basketball side … probably for Michigan too. They've got die-hard basketball fans so that's a similarity. Those two colleges are pretty much alike."

To see Part one of GBW's sit down interview with Bluiett, click play below (includes highlights). Recommended Stories

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