Avery, 'brothers' ready to do battle(w/video)

Avery, 'brothers' ready to do battle(w/video)

Michigan junior defensive back Courtney Avery talks about the respect he and his teammates built in the off-season, his development under Coach Mallory, and the opportunity against Alabama.

With nearly the entire secondary back for the 2012 season, the Wolverines have been able to build a nice level of camaraderie within the crew. The grind of camp is taking it's toll nearly halfway through the month long battle, but Michigan junior cornerback Courtney Avery is "embracing the suck."

"I'm feeling really comfortable," Avery said. "Right now I'm sort of in the middle of the grind season getting ready, in the preseason, so we're getting better and improving so it's all smiles."

Part of the reason Avery is able to enjoy the camp experience is because he understands how important it is to allow his body to heal in preparation for another day of physically and mentally grueling football.

"You definitely have to mentally prepare, but you also have to make sure you're taking care of your body," said Avery. "At night after you have a long day you got to get off your feet, kick your feet up and make sure you're icing, and you got to make sure you're staying in the playbook, so the next day you're sort of prepared for what's getting put in the next day."

Avery is making it a point to let the freshmen know what their priorities should be and how they can get the most out of fall camp. After making some tactical errors in his first camp as a freshman, Avery knows exactly what's going through the minds of an 18 year old.

"It's definitely a point you want to stress," said Avery. "A lot of these guys coming out of high school or who haven't played too much football, in camp it might be their first camp. I remember my first camp—I'm just like yeah I can stay up all night talking to my family or talking to my girl; but you just got to knuckle down and get in the playbook or go to sleep."

Throughout the off-season, participation among the entire team in drill work and strength and conditioning workouts was through the roof. In order for the upperclassmen to lead team 133, the bond and work put in during the time outside the Big House is crucial to their success as a unit.

"It not only helps our team with the physical aspect but also just helps us come together," said Avery. "If you got a couple guys that are lingering behind and they come to the season expecting to be leaders, they're not going to get that type of respect that they want. Now everyone is participating, everybody is coming together in camp, and everybody has that respect because that was your brother. That was your brother in the off-season and he's going to be your brother all season."

Now in camp, Avery is working to perfect his skills as a defensive back, something his coach Curt Mallory stresses on a daily basis.

"Coach Mallory has helped me immensely," said Avery. "He's really fine tuned my skills and made me hone in on my techniques and fundamentals. I'm not the fastest guy, but if I concentrate on my technique and fundamentals it'll take me a long way and hopefully I'll be successful with that."

The Wolverines will all need to improve in every category very quickly as they prepare for a nationally televised, top ten match-up with 2011 national champion, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Avery and the Wolverines aren't shying away from the hype but instead embracing the opportunity that lies ahead.

"It's very exciting," said Avery. "Very exciting to play the defending national champs. Definitely in that type of atmosphere and on that type of stage—that's why you come to Michigan. You want that type of experience, so we're all very excited. And that's why we're preparing so hard, so we can put our best foot forward and just give our best showing—to show the world what Michigan's all about."

To watch the full video interview with Avery, click play below.

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