Thu. post-practice: J.T. Floyd (w/video)

Thu. post-practice: J.T. Floyd (w/video)

Senior corner J.T. Floyd talks about his improvement since the Iowa game last season ... and he lightheartedly praises Devin Gardner.

Quick-Hitters of the interview with J.T. Floyd

On a serious note: JTs really working on where his eyes are, seeing everything - the eyes will always win.

He learned from the Iowa game and came back and played well vs Illinois, and feels better since.

"Trust me, if Mattison believes you should be on the field, you deserve to be out there."

On Devin -- if he wanted to punt, he'd be the punter ... in hoops he could play for the basketball team ...

To watch the video of the interview with J.T., click play below. Recommended Stories