Schofield Comfortable on Right Side (w Video)

Schofield Comfortable on Right Side (w Video)

Offensive tackle Michael Schofield is back to his natural position and ready to help the Wolverines get to the Big Ten Championship game. He spoke at Media Day about his transition to the right side and more. ***With video***

Michael Schofield has moved back to right tackle and will start there for the Wolverines this year after playing left guard a year ago. While he is happy to be back at his natural position, the junior says it's not about him.

"I don't really have any self expectations," Schofield said at Media Day. "As a goal, as a team, I want to get to the Big Ten Championship. As for the transition to right tackle, I've been playing it my whole life, so I feel like it's going to be a smooth transition."

The transition will be smooth because that is simply what Schofield is used to.

"I definitely feel more comfortable there, just because, in high school I played it, my first two years here I played it, and almost all of camp last year, before I switched to left guard, I played it, so there's definitely more of a comfort level there."

Also helping him make the move is the added weight he's added while maintaining the quickness and footwork that made him a highly sought after recruit. A large part of that has been strength and conditioning coach Aaron Wellman.

"I was 302 this whole camp so far. I still feel like I'm moving pretty good for a guy my size. Coach Wellman's a great strength coach. He tries to make everything a competition, every lift, we're always competing and that's how we're getting stronger because whatever Taylor's throwing up on bench, I'm trying to beat it."

That type of camaraderie is evident throughout the offensive line unit.

"Most of us, we've been playing together for four years, me, Pat, Ricky and all the upperclassmen. We've been playing together so long, we're all comfortable together no matter who's starting where."

The season does not begin easily for Schofield and the Wolverines, as they take on the Crimson Tide of Alabama. The Tide have recently put many defensive players in the NFL, notably along the front seven, so Schofield and his mates have a challenge on their hands.

"They're the defending national champs, so that alone without the great defensive line that they have is going to be a challenge, just to see where we are. We're preparing every day for it, trying to get better every day."

Helping him and the others get better has been offensive line coach Darrell Funk. Now in his second season with the Wolverines, Schofield credits Funk with the strides he's made.

"Coach Funk's a great coach. He's helped me out a lot even with the transition, back and forth, he's always making sure I have the right steps down, making sure I have the right technique."

What also helps the offensive line look good is having one of the most explosive players in all of college football at quarterback, Denard Robinson.

"It's great. It could be hard sometimes, because you don't know where he is, but he's so quick you know no one's going to catch him. Coach Funk tells us to just block like normal and do what we have to do and Denard will make the rest happen."

To view GoBlueWolverine's video interview with Schofield, press play below. Recommended Stories