Midwest QB Guru On Top Students

Midwest QB Guru On Top Students

Check out FOXSports NEXT spotlight on some of the top quarterbacks in the Midwest -- and what sets them apart from the rest.

There is a place where some of the top quarterbacks in the Midwest gather to train -- names like Michigan commit Shane Morris, Wisconsin 2014 commit Chance Stewart, and up and comers Jayru Campbell, Ricardo Johnson, Justin Berry and Ryan Casey.

Many of the top Midwest signal-caller prospects have come together to train, and improve as a team at Quarterback University under coach Donovan Dooley.

"Chance Stewart, Jayru Campbell, Nate Bossory and Cheyne Lacanaria have all been working together since the Ponitiac Silverdome with Quarterback University since February," Dooley said.

All of those prospects are considered ‘special' to Dooley and his ‘Quarterback University' program.

"I definitely know when someone is special when they keep gunning for information," Dooley said. "And when they want to get better each rep."

Dooley's students take the game very seriously, and that is a large part of their success.

"I make sure that all my quartebacks understand proper practice, prevents poor performance," Dooley said.

Those principles are perhaps highlighted by Michigan 2013 commit Shane Morris.

"He is a leader and he has faced a ton of adversity," Dooley said. "Shane exudes confidence and works hard daily with his team -- he is a team guy." He added, "When you can keep a level head at 17 years-old and as the second best quarterback in the country, thats good."

Morris was one of the students that has been along for the entire development of Quarterback University.

"Shane started off as part of a the Max Exposure 7-on-7 team that I coach," Dooley said. "He has been part of the club since he was in 8th grade."

This past year when several of the top quarterbacks in Michigan joined the program, Quarterback University took off -- and Morris was one of the inaugural members.

"Shane would go to his two practices," Dooley said. "Then come to QBU, which shows his dedication and grind towards being the best in the country. He came to the Silverdome and went full throttle with me."

He added, "He's a machine. Machines don't get tired."

Another player that Morris is very familar with, is Brother Rice 2013 quarterback Cheyne Lacanaria.

"Cheyne Lacanaria is the most consistently accurate guy I train," Dooley said. "He chases perfection. This guy can throw a football and "knock a nat off of a mosquitos rear end."

He added, "Those who have passed on him are missing out on something special."

Another quarterback to keep an eye on is 2014 quarterback Jayru Campbell.

"He just turned 15, is already 6-foot-5 and is athletic," Dooley said. "He has an Alabama offer and Notre Dame offer at 15 years old."

He added, "He works with me four days a week in the mornings, is never late."

Campbell is already getting plenty of recruiting attention -- but he is focusing on another big goal according to Dooley.

"He has had to be a leader so young," Dooley said. "He is trying to do something that is never been done, win four state championships in a row. He has stayed humble and continued to work on his craft."

Minnesota native Ricardo Johnson is another prospect that Dooley says to keep an eye on.

"He is a guy that is a perfectionist," Johnson said. "He wants to do everything perfectly every time. I told him that you cant be perfect but you can chase perfection."

Two other prospects that Dooley trains worthy of note are 2016 St. Charles East High (Ill.) quarterback Justin Berry and 2013 Wisconsin quarterback Ryan Casey.

"Justin Berry just turned 14 years old and he is 6'0 almost 180 pounds," Dooley said. "This kid has his goals plastered on his mirror. He is a student of the game and more advanced then most kids his age due to his practice and preparation which are habit forming."

And Casey has very similar drive.

"Ryan is a kid with a "Tim Tebow" spirit and is very driven," Dooley said. "Ryan drives almost 5 hours to train during the winter weekly to get better. Thats what you call dedication. This whole QBU experience has brought about a brotherhood, memories and long last relationships that are priceless."  

They are all part of "Quarterback University."

Quarterback University follows a unique model, that targets every area of the quarterback and aims to improve their overall game.

"As the model itself I think that is what catapults the program," Dooley said. "In the morning it is more about the classroom where we break down film and board, then midday we do plyometrics and speed and agility and then in afternoon we did 7-on-7, so you have every component that you need to be successful."

Under those principles, players like Morris and Stewart thrive.

"The Quarterback University model and platform itself ensures that each kid makes strides towards on the field and off the field success," Dooley said. "The entire component of being a quarterback is covered within QBU from leadership, discipline, academic excellence, character to on the field play."

He continued, "My whole premise for Quarterback University is to teach these kids how to use football as a vehicle for academic success. I tell them all the time "shoot for the stars and land on a cloud"

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