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The Edwards Connection (Part 4)

Stan Edwards

The Final installment of comments from my interview a few months back with <b>Stan and Braylon Edwards</b> that didn't make it into next month's magazine. These were probably the most painful cuts made. Braylon comments on the Heisman, the defense, and I also got a look at his first 100 meter race in a number of years. Young Mr. Edwards burned down the track in a great time!<br><br><b>**Pictures Included**</b>

For those that missed Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Stan and Braylon Edwards interview, click below. The Edwards Connection (Part 1). The Edwards Connection (Part 2). The Edwards Connection (Part 3). Take me through the pass that you dropped against Iowa. (Braylon) It was a post corner post. So I run to the post, then a little toward the corner, and then run right back to the post again... Recommended Stories

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