Elite 11 Day 4

Asiantii Woulard

Redondo Beach, Calif. - The three day tally of throws at the Elite 11 Finals reached 24 as the participants took another eight reps of 7v7 on Saturday. Who looked the best on those eight reps? Find out inside.

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The third day of 7v7 began at the Elite 11 in which each quarterback takes eight throws. The duration of the day spread across a seven hour time frame makes for some strikingly different conditions. The early afternoon groups contend with a stiff ocean breeze that typically dies down late afternoon and into the evening.

The first group of passers today included Cody Thomas, Kevin Olsen, and Anthony Jennings. It was a bit of role reversal for the three quarterbacks as Thomas had struggled mightily the first two days while Olsen and Jennings had been sharp.

On Saturday Thomas settled in, a little more calm, and a little more conservative and worked several underneath routes before burning the defense long. He completed all eight of his throws when he didn't complete eight total the previous two sessions combined.

Olsen, our No. 1 performer through the week thus far, had been razor sharp the previous two days but struggled on Saturday in the wind. Jennings also had been dependable for big plays struggled to connect with his receivers.

The second group to throw was led by rifle armed quarterback Shane Morris. Morris is one of the few guys who isn't phased by the wind. While he was victimized by several drops, he threw the crispest, most accurate passes in his group.

Danny Etling has continually looked good this week and showed a variety of passes, ramping up the velocity when he needed to and showing touch underneath.

After a marathon session on Friday that included a 4AM wake up call for a Navy Seal boot camp workout, J.T. Barrett looked refreshed on Saturday as the ball came out of his hand with a little more zip. His accuracy suffered however as wasn't as sharp as the previous days.

The final thrower in group two was the longshot to make it, Zack Greenlee from California. Greenlee is the only quarterback in attendance who isn't committed to a school. His lone claimed offer is Fresno State. Greenlee threw the ball like he had nothing to lose, consistently taking shots down field. At times he was rewarded with a long completion, but more times than not, lacking the arm strength to go down field. into the wind, he found the wrong colored jersey.

Group three began as the marine layer cloud began rolling in, but Austin Allen began heating up as the temperature started cooling off. The Arkansas commitment will never do anything flashy, but he does nearly everything right. He had his best day on Saturday.

Troy Williams was on the bubble of Scout's Top 11 after a strong showing on Friday, and while he wasn't bad, there was a bit of a drop back from his stellar showing on Friday. Williams took several shots down field. and connected on more than he missed.

Brice Ramsey has been one of the best performers throughout the last four days, but his effort on Saturday didn't match the sizzling performance on Friday night. Ramsey still showed off his arm as one of the strongest of the camp on a deep out up the left sideline.

Devante Kincade brought up the rear of the foursome, and again, he wasn't bad, he just wasn't as sharp as he's been through the week. He floated some long passes too long and short-hopped an out route mixed in with several nice throws up the seam.

Overall, group three was a very good group without much separation between one and four.

Group four was particularly interesting because they had to deal with the stiffest part of the wind on Friday and got a much more receptive ocean breeze on Saturday.

Jared Goff was terrific on Thursday, bad on Friday in the wind, and terrific again on Saturday. Goff was one of the Top 5 overall performers in the scout's estimation hitting receivers in all areas of the field from deep sideline to short underneath.

Max Browne had yet to have a breakout performance, but Saturday was his best day so far. He started short to build some confidence before airing it out with more authority.

Shane Cockerill has the look of a linebacker, but his left arm is strong enough to make any throw. His best throw of the day was one of his first as he hit a receiver in stride on the right sideline between two defenders.

Zach Allen appears to be a in a little over his head at this event, but he got a dose of satisfaction when he connected on a pump and go for a touchdown late in his throwing session.

Josh Dobbs was the top quarterback in group five, and he got off to a fast start with a well thrown skinny post in which his receiver made a nice sliding catch. Dobbs followed up his first throw with a route straight up the seam that he dropped in perfectly. Unfortunately, dropped was the wrong word for his receiver who couldn't hang on.

Tyrone Swoopes is the player most likely to have a jaw dropping throw and a head scratching throw in the same five rep session. Saturday was no different. Swoopes hit a tight end up the middle on a throw that was on a rope. Two plays later he airmailed virtually the same throw, missing the intended receiver by two yards. Consistency is key for Swoopes.

Luke Del Rio got off to a fast start with a quick pump and go up the right sideline. The play went for a touchdown, but it's likely he will be docked by the Elite 11 coaching staff for his read as the safety should have picked it off. Sometimes at Elite 11, getting the touchdown isn't enough (Cris Carter anyone?). Del Rio threw an interception before recovering nicely, fitting a in a tight window over the middle.

The sixth and final group saved the best for last as Asiantii Woulard had the top performance of the night. As written yesterday, Woulard was battling an groin injury, but his right arm is just fine. The Elite 11 staff grades the reads of the quarterbacks, and Woulard had the best check off, look back across the field deep ball of the day. He hit all eight of his passes and showed one of the strongest arms of the day.

Cooper Bateman had another impressive showing. Bateman is so efficient with his throws that it's easy to sleep on just how strong his arm is. He rarely shows it off, but when he does, there's little doubt he can make every throw that will be asked of him on the next level.

Christian Hackenberg was looking to build on not only his best performance, but arguably the best performance of all of Friday's action. Unfortunately, he slipped back into some bad habits that limited him early in the week. He was confident and decisive on Friday, but looked tentative and hesitant on Saturday. When Hackenberg dropped back, set, and fired to his number one target, he's was good as anyone of the 25 performers. When he had to move off his first receiver, he started getting anxious in the pocket and his accuracy suffered.

Malik Zaire had a better performance than Friday night making pretty throws towards the middle of the field, but he struggled with the throws to the sideline. He was victimized by several dropped passes. A wing-t quarterback in high school, Zaire is picking up the reads and checks extremely well and should have no more trouble picking up a college offense than a freshman quarterback coming from a more pass oriented offense.

Davis Webb had a solid day on Friday, and he followed it up with another good performance on Saturday. He threw late down field. on one of his first throws and was intercepted, but he recovered nicely with two good looking passes up the middle to the slot receiver.

From an evaluation of mechanics standpoint, there's really nothing to say about Riley Ferguson. He's looked bad. He really shouldn't be looking like anything out there; he has a broken thumb. Put that factor into the equation, and he looks fantastic. The fact that he can complete any passes at all and is out there competing is in of itself a testament to his toughness and drive.

Johnny Stanton was at an event with his high school during the day, and showed up at the end of the day to warm up quickly and get his eight throws in. He started off strong with some conservative intermediate routes, but as his confidence grew he took a few more chances and was intercepted twice. Stanton is one of the best running quarterbacks in this class and should never be expected to throw the ball 30 times a game, but he's looked comfortable in this setting, which is good news for his future.

Top 5 Performances of the Day:

1. Asiantii Woulard
2. Jared Goff
3. Shane Morris
4. Cooper Bateman
5. Josh Dobbs

Scout's Elite 11 after four days (previous ranking in parentheses)

1 (1). Kevin Olsen - Olsen came back to the pack as every quarterback has had a subpar throwing session now.

2 (2). Shane Morris - A slow start on Friday, Morris has turned in back to back impressive performances.

3 (6) Josh Dobbs - One of the surprise performers, Dobbs keeps making plays withouy truly having a bad session.

4 (4). Max Browne - Browne had his best session of the week, but he still hasn't been one of the top 7v7 performers. He was one of the best during practice on Thursday and Friday, if not the best.

5 (3). Brice Ramsey - Friday night's effort was spectacular; Saturday's was merely average by comparison.

6 (9). Asiantii Woulard - Another performance like Saturday and we can start talking about Woulard pushing for No. 1.

7 (10). Jared Goff - Goff yo-yo'd the last two sets of rankings with a great performance thru Friday, a bad performance on Friday, and the bounce back performance of the day on Saturday.

8 (11). Cooper Bateman - One of his best performances in 7v7 on Saturday following the same pattern as The Opening: the more reps he gets, the better he gets.

9 (NR) Troy Williams - Williams doesn't show any signs of slowing down as he's put in back to back excellent performances.

10 (5). Anthony Jennings - Dobbs and Jennings have been neck and neck through the whole week, but Dobbs had another strong day, while Jennings had an off day by his standards.

11 (7). Devante Kincade - Kincade fell back to the pack as he failed to connect with the same regularity that he did earlier in the week.

Dropped Out - Malik Zaire

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