Garrett Looking Forward to BBQ @ Big House

Garrett Looking Forward to BBQ @ Big House

2014 Plainfield South LB Clifton Garrett recently made the journey to the IMG 7-on-7 National Championships in Bradenton Florida. GoBlueWolverine was there to check in with the rising junior defender and discussed his game, his recruitment, his thoughts on Michigan, his decision timeline, and more. ***video interview included***

Josh Newkirk: You have been getting a lot of love from schools out there. Can you name off the schools that have been showing you the most interest?

Clifton Garrett: “Right now Ohio State is currently. I am liking that. I just got back from there. I had a pretty good visit and I did the camp down there.”

Josh Newkirk: What are the coaches telling you down there at Columbus?

Clifton Garrett: “They are telling me they love and they want me to come there. They just told me to keep working on everything and keep my footwork down. So I can get faster and get a little bit big(er) and I’ll be fine.”

Josh Newkirk: What’s the contact been with the Michigan coaching staff?

Clifton Garrett: “I have been talking to coach Mallory a little bit. I think I am going down there for the barbecue on the 29th of July. I am looking forward to that. It should be pretty fun.”

Josh Newkirk: Now what are your thoughts about Michigan? Obviously they are another tradition rich program. Could you see yourself playing in the Maize & Blue?

Clifton Garrett: “Yeah I could see myself playing there. It is a great school. They have great tradition. They have great players.  They have great players coming out of there all the time going to the NFL. And that is one of my goals. I feel like if I could go there and they give me a scholarship then that would be great.”

Josh Newkirk: Now we have talked about two historically great teams in college football in Ohio State and Michigan. Do you see yourself wanting to stay in the Midwest or are you open to go anywhere in the country?

Clifton Garrett: “Yeah I am open to go anywhere. I’m just going to take a lot of visits and see where I like and see where I fall in love with.”

Josh Newkirk: Alright well let’s talk about other places you would like to visit. What are some other schools showing you some love and giving you contact right now?

Clifton Garrett: “I have been talking to Nebraska a little bit. Wisconsin they just offered when I went to their camp. Then I have been talking to-I heard Purdue was going to offer. But I haven’t really talk to them. So that has been about it so far.”

Josh Newkirk: You said Wisconsin just offered. What are your new offers? And can you list off your offers right now?

Clifton Garrett: “So far I have Ohio State, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and that’s it actually.”

Josh Newkirk: When was the Wisconsin offer?

Clifton Garrett: “That was two weeks ago.”

Josh Newkirk: Those are a lot of big time programs. A lot of them are geared in the Midwest. Is there any other schools outside of the Big Ten showing you some love?

Clifton Garrett: “Actually my coach just told me to call Penn State. They called him and told him they wanted to talk to me. So we are going to see what that is about. I have to give them a call.”

Josh Newkirk: What do you see yourself playing. Obviously you are a linebacker, do you see yourself playing the inside or out on the edge. Where would you like to play in college?

Clifton Garrett:  “I can play either way. Wherever they put me and wherever I can be useful to the team. I’m willing to play there.”

Josh Newkirk: Now if you were a scout in stands and you had to break your game down. How would you scout yourself?

Clifton Garrett: “I play patient. I play smart and I can hit. I can read on my guards really good. When I get to the ball I’m going to make the play.”  

Josh Newkirk: Now as far as a decision timeline. Obviously you have a couple years of ball left. But when would you like to make that final decision?

Clifton Garrett: “I’m think maybe around my senior year maybe during the season. If I get invite to any bowl games, I might do it there. I’m not really sure right now.”

Josh Newkirk: Now you have your junior year coming up. What kind of move are you trying to make to improve going into your junior season?

 Clifton Garrett: “I just want to come out here and help out my team with some of the new stuff I learned over the Summer. Then first and foremost we want to get down to state. We want to win our conference and get down to state and win that. So if we could do that, it could be huge for our school and our area.”

Josh Newkirk: What are you coming in at, height, weight and what do you run the forty in?

Clifton Garrett: “6-foot-2, 220-pounds, and  run the forty in 4.6.” Recommended Stories

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