Butt Relishing Opportunity To Compete

Butt Relishing Opportunity To Compete

Pickerington North (OH) TE Jake Butt has spent a significant amount of time looking to compete and prove himself this spring and summer. The Opening provided another venue to showcase the Michigan commit's skills and Butt spoke to GBW about his mindset heading into camps, an ironic roommate pairing and how he's stepped up his efforts to recruit for the Wolverines.

Kyle Bogenshutz: You’re out here, obviously, trying to compete with some of the best players in the country. How do you think you did so far in the morning session?

Jake Butt: “I think I did pretty well. I could have done a little bit better in some aspects, but with limited time to train, you know, I did my best.”

Kyle Bogenshutz: So talk about your reasons for coming all the way out here. I guess a lot of the guys have some of the same reasoning, but, you know, you want to test yourself against some of the best players in the country, but also, you guys get to have some fun and kind of hang out, and get to know each other a little bit better.

Jake Butt: “Yeah, I mean, you come out here, and I guess from my standpoint, I want to come out here and improve myself as a player, and you know, get to compete with some of the best in the nation, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and getting to ask questions of some of the big guys, like Suh. Suh was here last night, and we were all asking questions, you know, some NFL players – Marshall Faulks, and some guys you looked up to growing up, and it’s just a good opportunity.”

Kyle Bogenshutz: What did they say, or what did you learn from them? Did you take anything out of those conversations?

Jake Butt: “Yeah, they were just telling us what to look forward to in college, what to – you know, just stay out of trouble. Just different advice that you could take and go on to college with.”

Kyle Bogenshutz: Obviously, a ton of Michigan guys out here. Seven of you who are already committed. There are a couple of other prospects as well. Are you guys just having fun bonding as future teammates?

Jake Butt: “For sure, yeah. It’s good to get as many guys as we have out here. It’s a good opportunity, and like you said, it’s a good chance to compete, and hopefully I can get some of them on my seven-on-seven team.”

Kyle Bogenshutz: Now are you kind of getting into the act a little bit? Shane’s the ringleader; he’s been trying to recruit everyone. There’s a couple spots left in the class; there’s a couple guys out here that are really vying for those spots. Are you kind of getting involved a little bit?

Jake Butt: “Yeah, I mean, I’m trying to talk to Laquan. I tried a little bit at Illinois, but you know, in the end it’s his decision. Just a little word here and there. Anything to help.”

Kyle Bogenshutz: Now, you mentioned – you Tweeted yesterday, actually, that they put two people in a room that might not necessarily get along in a couple years when you guys actually get on campus. You have Marcus Baugh, an Ohio State commitment; you have Jake Butt, a Michigan commitment. What’s that like? What was the first night like?

Jake Butt: “It was cool, you know? It was cool. It was a good experience. It’s funny at first, you know? It’s almost like, well did they do this on purpose, but Marc’s a great guy, and I’m glad to get a chance to room with him, because he’s a great tight end, and I can learn some things from him as well.”

Kyle Bogenshutz: Alright, now, there’s a barbecue at the Big House coming up at the end of July. Are you going to be able to make it back up with a bunch of your future teammates, and the team, everything like that?

Jake Butt: “I hope so. I’m going to be attending Gridiron Kings the 25th through the 28th, so – I think the barbecue’s the 29th – so I’m going to try to make it back up, and I’m sure I will, but, yeah.”

Kyle Bogenshutz: So after this – you mentioned Gridiron Kings – a few other things and then you jump right into football season. Obviously a big year, your senior year you want to go out with a bang.

Jake Butt: “For sure. We’re the team to beat in our region, so we have some high expectations, and we’re working right now, putting the time in to try to live up to those expectations.”

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