Robinson Ready For Next Stage (with Video)

Robinson Ready For Next Stage (with Video)

GBW made the trip to Pendleton, Indiana earlier this week for the 2012 Indiana All-Stars junior/senior exhibition. After the game GBW caught up with Glenn "Tre" Robinson III to discuss his move north, reflect on his high school career and to let the Michigan football coaching staff know how good little brother Gelen really is. **Video interview and highlights included.**

Pendleton, Indiana- In one of the final chances to see Glenn Robinson III as a high school basketball player, the future Wolverine had a quiet night capped off by two powerful dunks in the waning minutes, something Michigan hopes will follow the Indiana star to Ann Arbor.

Despite the limited production, Robinson made sure to enjoy his time playing along side future foes and against his future running mate at Crisler Center, 2013 Michigan commitment Zak Irvin.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Robinson. “Smack talking going on between us and just going out there and playing with somebody who I know will be my future teammate in the upcoming years. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to start working out with him.  He told me he’s actually going to take his official I believe during the Michigan State football game so that should be fun too and Zak’s a good kid. I just can’t wait to start playing with him.”

Robinson and the rest of the class of 2012 arrive on June 25th, which is sure to bring up the competition level for summer pick-up games at the new William Davidson Player Development Center.

“Two weeks left and after Friday and Saturday here with the Indiana All-Star team I have my graduation party the following weekend,” said Robinson.  “Then after that I’m taking off.  I can’t wait to get up there and start working out with coaches and all the guys up there.  We’ve been talking a lot so it’s just an exciting time for me and my family. My mom kind of, she doesn’t want me to go yet but it’s coming so she has to get ready for that.”

The last time GBW spoke with the son of the “Big Dog”, Robinson was in New Orleans competing in the 2012 All-American championship game at Lakefront Arena. Since that experience in early April – during which Robinson earned MVP honors -- his workout routine has revved into overdrive as he prepares for his first season in Ann Arbor.

“I’ve just been working out hard and just trying to get ready to become a Michigan Wolverine,” said Robinson. “Just working as hard as I can because I know it’s going to pay off next year and I’m going to need everything I can next year. I’ve just been working out trying to get stronger, working on all parts of my game so it should be a fun time coming up and I just can’t wait to get down there.”

When Robinson committed to the Wolverines in September of 2010, the scholarship offers were limited and rankings unflattering for the versatile forward. Over the past two years his stock climbed a considerably, thanks in large part to a dominant senior year and impressive showings against some of the top talent in the country. His surge to the end of his high school career has landed him nearly at the top of the rankings for 2012.

“Coming out here last year I don’t think I had as much confidence as I have now, and that’s a big part of that and maturing,” said Robinson. “I think that has a lot to do with it and also me just developing as a player, getting smarter, getting better and like I said I don’t really pay attention to most of the rankings but sometimes you got to look at him and see where you are, see who you need to compete against. I know I’ve got ten more people to beat out, so I want to be at that number one spot and just take everything that I have and contribute it to my team next year.”

As Robinson packs up and heads to Ann Arbor in two weeks, another athletic and talented Robinson will stay behind… little brother and class of 2014 linebacker Gelen Robinson. Gelen was too much for some of the opposition to handle at the Nike Football Training Camp in Champaign, Illinois last weekend.  At 6-2, 230 pounds, he is a handful for Glenn as, but big brother still knows how to gain the upper hand.

“As long as we don’t get on the ground and start wrestling,” said Robinson smiling. “He’s number three in the state too, so he’s a great kid and he’ll be at the Michigan football camp.  I just hope for him the best in his football career, and like I said he also wrestles.  He got 3rd and 7th in track last weekend so he’s an overall pretty good athlete, strong kid, and Michigan really needs to take a look at him.  You know I got to look out for the best to my brothers advantage. He’ll be a great linebacker, hopefully for Michigan so maybe they should take a look at him a little bit harder.”

Looking back on an incredible four years of high school is difficult for Robinson, but moving forward and experiencing new things keep the 6-6 star motivated and excited for the bright future that lies ahead in Ann Arbor.

“It seemed like these four years flew by fast,” he said. “People say these four years are going to go by fast but I was like, four years, that’ll take a long time.  But it flew by.  Next thing I know I’m graduating and now I’m leaving for college. It was a great experience and I learned a lot.  I’m just looking forward to college, meeting new people, not saying goodbye to everyone, but still coming back and keeping in touch. I’m moving on to a different stage in my life and I’m ready for that.”

For the full video interview with Robinson, including highlights of his performance, click play below. Recommended Stories