Irvin Aggressive In Juniors vs. Seniors Game

Irvin Aggressive In Juniors vs. Seniors Game

After pledging to the Wolverines nearly a year ago, 2013 Michigan commitment Zak Irvin continues to refine, reshape and expand his all around game. GBW was on hand in Pendleton, Indiana for the Juniors vs. Seniors Indiana All-Star Exhibition and Spoke to Irvin afterwards about AAU season so far, his mentality attacking the rim and more. **Video interview and highlights included.**

2013 Michigan commitment Zak Irvin is making a concerted effort to enhance and expand his already impressive repotoire on the basketball floor.

“A lot of people just think of me as a jump shooter, you know but I’m just trying to attack the hole and get to the free throw line,” said Irvin.  “Overall I’ve just been concentrating on going to the hole a lot more.  I’ve been doing that a lot lately in our past tournaments and that’s been paying off for me.”

With a much greater focus on attacking the rim, Irvin had his aggressiveness on full display competing in the Juniors vs. Seniors Indiana All-Stars Exhibition Wednesday night in Pendleton, Indiana.  The wiry wing finished with 16 points and eight rebounds.

“I started off struggling at the beginning of the game but then I caught on fire,” he said after the 121-96 loss to the seniors.  “Normally when I get on fire… I’m a streaky shooter, so I keep feeling it and it goes in the bucket.”

“We definitely want to come out there, you know it’s a fun event for everybody but we want to come out there and win.  It’s very competitive.”

With an injury to the starting point guard on the Eric Gordon All-Stars, Irvin has been forced to slide into the very different role of floor general, but the 6-7 guard says he’s up for the challenge… even if he’s asked to do the same at times in Ann Arbor.

“You never know, you know,” said Irvin. “If they need me to play that position I’ll be glad to play that position, you know, I can play the one or the two.”

Opposite of Irvin on the talented senior squad, stood 6-7 forward, close friend, and future teammate, Glenn Robinson III.  

“Glenn is a great player, you know, a great, complete player,” said Irvin. “I just can’t wait to play with him.”

After committing to the Wolverines almost a year ago, Irvin isn’t resting on his laurels.  As a result he can see a major difference in his game compared to summer 2011.

“I’ve improved a lot in the past year, you know, I’m just glad that I’ve been able to take my game to the next level,” said Irvin.

For the full video interview, including highlights of Irvin’s 16 points, click play below. Recommended Stories