Jake Long: "We turned it around last year"

Jake Long: "We turned it around last year"

Former Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long came north to Ann Arbor for the weekend festivities in helping raise money for Mott Children's Hospital. On the Mott Take over on 1050 WTKA, Long talks about his experience with Gator fans in Florida, the job Coach Hoke has done and whether or not he prefers an alternate jersey for the wolverines.

On the emphasis Coach Carr had on Mott Children’s Hospital at Michigan:

Jake Long: “When you come in as a freshman, Coach Carr encourages you and as Charles was saying, instills it in you to give back and he really encourages all of us to visit the hospital and visit these kids cause they’re going through so much.  Not only them but their families, they have to stay at this hospital, they’re coming from everywhere around this country to stay at this hospital and they’re going through so many surgeries and illness and tough times and we get to go there for a few minutes and get to brighten up there days. It was something I held dear to my heart and I know other players did throughout college and now you see with this event it’s still something we hold dear to our hearts that so many people want to come back and still see these kids and give back to them.”

On Michigan/OSU and the wolverines getting back on track:

Jake Long: “Well I’ve got to live in it everyday living down in Florida that’s all they talk about is the Florida Gators and Urban Meyer.  I don’t think the Florida fans are too happy with him leaving but, you know, honestly, I don’t care what they do, I don’t care who they bring in, what they do. Like Charles said I believe in our coaches, I believe in Coach Hoke, I believe in the players that they’re going to bring in. We turned it around last year, getting that win, I know it was a long time but, you know, we’re on the right path and we’re going to bring in the right guys and it’s going to be an emphasis again and we’re going to get back on that winning track.”

Safety in the NFL:

Jake Long: “They’re definitely trying to make it safer and you saw last year a lot of guys getting concussions and I think they’ve cut down on the head to head hits cause those defensive guys, especially DB’s, it’s hard for a receiver to come across the middle and it happens so quick, people don’t realize how quick those plays happen and it’s hard,” said Long. “You go head to head, you go under the chin, you do those plays, they’re going to fine you, they’re going to fine you big if not suspend you. With the whole concussion deal I think they’re trying to, and we have all new helmets. The new thing’s they’re trying to do with helmets and the safety with that I think is going to help a lot but just with the hits, with the head to heads, with the hard hits across the middle, with the fines and the punishments that come down are going to help with the safety and you know try to cut down on the concussions cause that’s all you see on the news anymore is with that stuff. Hopefully we can shed some good light on it and get away from the bad press that we’re getting right now with our league.”

Prefer an alternate jersey?

Jake Long: “I like the traditional Michigan jersey. Growing up in Michigan, always watching Michigan, loved it and it was always the same. It never changed, it’s classic, it’s a staple in college football and personally I like the old school regular.”

On life after college and growing up:

Jake Long: “It was a culture shock, it really was.  Growing up in a small town in Michigan where you knew everybody, and then going to Miami, Florida was just insane. It was hard to deal with at first cause I didn’t know how to deal with the city or being down in Florida or all of this new culture stuff and like Steve said you got to grow up. Especially in the business world you got to grow up fast cause they expect a lot out of you in the job we do but then you got to take it home, you’ve got to adapt to your situations and you know, I grew up.”

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