UM Moves up with McQuay - Part 1 (w / Video)

UM Moves up with McQuay - Part 1 (w / Video)

Armwood (FL) Seffner DB Leon McQuay III made it up to Ann Arbor with his dad over the weekend to catch his first look at Michigan. The Sunshine State star made his way over to the Sports Talk 1050 WTKA studios after the visit to recap his experience with GoBlueWolverine. In part one he discusses his budding relationship with Jerry Montgomery, his favorite part of the experience, and more.

Interview by Sam Webb. Story by Kyle Bogenshutz.

Michigan had seemingly fallen out of the race for Armwood (FL) Seffner star Leon McQuay III, but the sudden spike in mutual interest in recent weeks made it clear that the Wolverines are alive and well for the 2013 defensive back.  Even so, there was still a lot of ground for the Maize & Blue to make up.  And they did just that during the talented youngster’s visit to Ann Arbor this weekend.

“I’ve talked to (Jerry) Montgomery since the football season, and with Michigan being a little late in the recruiting process, he asked me straight up, you know, can we catch up. And I was like, you give me the information, let me go through it, anything is possible,” said McQuay’s father, Leon Jr. “That’s just been my whole focus is just… looking over where my son is probably going to spend the next three and a half years. Just giving him the information and letting him decide once he gets the information. Because I read a lot of stuff on the internet about dad is steering this, dad is a big lean to, and you know, it really upsets me because they don’t know what’s going on.”

The elder McQuay has done his best to present information to his son without allowing his own opinion to wield any influence.  He wasn’t as surprised to see all of the amenities Michigan has to offer, based on the research he has done and prior visits to other storied football programs.

“Most of the schools are top notch that we’ve actually visited, and I’ve done a lot of research,” he said.  “I haven’t shared it with him, but that’s the fatherly thing as far as trying to get him in situations where he can see what’s going on and make an informed decision.  So that’s the whole thing… I feel is my role to get him in the information and let him see it, instead of him picking one school and having that mindset of, ok I like that school.”

However, it’s now clear that after seeing Ann Arbor, Michigan is one of the schools “L3” likes.

“I was surprised,” stated McQuay III about the trip.  “I didn’t expect it at all. The campus, the coaching staff... everything."

For many recruits the highlight of their time at Michigan is seeing the facilities, especially the Big House.  While that was certainly an impressive aspect of the trip for the McQuays, the aspiring music major's favorite part may have been a little off the “beat”-en path.

“The stadium and the recording studio that they have for the students,” said L3. “We made a beat at one of the players named Jack (Kennedy’s) house, a quarterback.  We made a beat there.”

McQuay was also able to connect with plenty of other current Wolverines, but one interaction stuck out above all others.

Denard Robinson,” said McQuay Jr. “He was cool, man.”

Another meaningful interaction was with his Michigan recruiter, Jerry Montgomery.  The bond between the two has been growing quite rapidly.

“He’s really cool, man,” McQuay III said of Montgomery. “It’s crazy because I barely know, him but it seems like family already.”

To view part one of the interview in its entirety, press play below. Recommended Stories

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