Robinson Makes Mark in Nola (Part 1)

Robinson Makes Mark in Nola (Part 1)

Glenn Robinson III sits down with GBW after taking home MVP of the All-American Championship North/South game. Robinson talks about playing with future Big Ten foes, his performance on national television, and his weekend in New Orleans. ***Video interview and highlights included***

New Orleans, LA -- Glenn Robinson III just got better and better throughout his high school career, so it came as little surprise that he walked away as MVP of the 2012 All-American Championship game after tallying 16 points on 6/7 shooting. Typical of Robinson’s personality though, the future Wolverine dished out credit as quickly as he received it.

 “It was really fun to play on the same court as those guys -- my teammates,” he said afterward.  “I thought we shared the ball great.   Sam Dekker going to Wisconsin -- I think we had all of our guys going to Big Ten except for one that’s going to Notre Dame so it was just very exciting playing on the same court as those guys.  I just went out there and played as hard as I could and came up with MVP -- but the rest of my team, they all could have equally gotten the MVP too so I’m happy to get that.”

The 6-6 small forward was able to get easy looks the entire game thanks in large part to 2012 Iowa signee PG Mike Gesell.

 “I told him I was going to be running the floor and he’s very unselfish,” Robinson said.  “He gave it up.  Most point guards at these type of events won’t give it up like that. So it’s going to be fun running into these guys next year and now I know them, got a chance to meet them, spend the weekend with them.  He’s a very nice guy.”

Robinson and the other 38 participants took part in some of the Final Four festivities around town and got to experience the atmosphere New Orleans can create.

“It’s been crazy,” he said.  “Getting off the plane and landing in New Orleans, people are just so kind down in the South.  Everybody wants to talk to you like ‘wow you’re so tall -- do you play basketball?’  Probably my favorite memory is yesterday at bracket town they were throwing out the necklaces with the beads and everything and we were walking around having a good time, dancing and stuff.  It was very cool.”

Along for the trip was Robinson’s AAU teammate and fellow Michigan class of 2012 signee, Mitch McGary. According to Robinson the two top 30 prospects are as close as ever as they prepare to head to Ann Arbor together.

“I think every time we see each other he goes crazy,” said Robinson. “I saw him two nights ago when I came in and he ran up, gave me a hug, jumped on me.  Mitch is a very energetic kid and I like him.  He’s like a brother to me so we’ve gotten very close and hopefully, I think we’ll be rooming together next year.  We’re used to each other, we’re like brothers.  We talk about anything and do everything together so I like it.”
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