McGovern High on Michigan

Colin McGovern

New Lenox (IL) Lincoln-Way West OT, Colin McGovern received some welcomed news last week when he was offered a scholarship by the University of Michigan. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get his thoughts on the Maize & Blue and the latest in his recruitment, including his leaderboard, his visit plans, his decision timeline, and much much more.

Sam Webb: So I heard Michigan offered you a scholarship.  How did get the news?

Colin McGovern: “Well Thursday we had lifting and I went out to the gym, and then someone called me into the athletic director’s office.  My coach was on the phone with Coach Funk, and so my coach gives me the phone, and I start talking with Coach Funk a little bit.  They were going to, like, a coaching convention or something like that – and he’s just letting me know that basically they still want to get me out there, but they were going to go ahead and offer me over the phone.”

Sam Webb: Were you expecting the offer or did it feel like it came out of the blue?

Colin McGovern: “No -- Coach Funk has been down here, I think four times.  I’ve been talking with him, so it wasn’t – it wasn’t just out of nowhere.”

Sam Webb: So what’s the rapport like with Coach Funk at this point?

Colin McGovern: “It’s not like a businesslike relationship anymore.  It’s sort of like on a personal level.  Of course it takes a few times, but he’s one of the coaches that I’ve been talking to the longest, so I’m getting to be able to talk with him better.  It’s like with anyone; once you talk to them a few times you just get more comfortable. So it’s not just strictly like businesslike anymore, you know?”

Sam Webb: I know that you were planning to visit Michigan a little while ago.  What happened?

Colin McGovern: “Yeah, I tried to. I had one scheduled… it was back in December.  (Coach Funk) told me it wouldn’t be the best idea to come down because they wouldn’t be able to give me the full tour and everything. They were kind of busy getting ready for their bowl game. And after that, I’ve been pretty busy most of the time.  There have been conflicts between our schedules, so I haven’t been able to get up there yet. But I am dying to get up there sometime soon and check out the campus and the Big House and everything like that.”

Sam Webb: Did Coach Funk make it clear to you what position he was looking at you for?

Colin McGovern: “He didn’t. He just strictly has been talking to me about going there, not really position. Actually, no coaches at all have really talked to me about what position I would be playing as of yet. But that would probably be a good thing to start talking about (laughter).”

Sam Webb: Do you have a preference?

Colin McGovern: “I mean, I’d love to play tackle, but whatever they want me at I’ll play for them. “

Sam Webb: Do have an idea of where Michigan kind of fits in with you right now?

Colin McGovern: “I tell everyone this… I’m not exactly sure where I would rank the schools that are coming after me because I grew up strictly an NFL fan. My dad wasn’t a fan of any college, so I grew up just watching NFL really.  So going into the recruiting process, I don’t really have a favorite school that I’ve loved my whole life.  That sort of carried over. I can’t really rank them yet because I haven’t visited enough places to put them in order.  Also the fact that I didn’t favor a team growing up really doesn’t help that either.”

Sam Webb: So let’s just pretend for a second that your decision is around the corner.  What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

Colin McGovern: “Well, education to me comes first. Being that only a small percentage of college athletes go into the pros, and even though that is my dream to make it to the NFL, you always have to have a backup plan. So I’m planning on getting a good degree in either business or engineering, and I know at Michigan their academics are great. And then the second biggest thing would be basically just the football program as a whole… like the conference, you know?  How prestigious they are… just all the aspects of the football program all the way down to – and I wouldn’t say this is a big factor – but down to how much playing time I’d get. I would definitely sacrifice playing time for playing on a more prestigious team, though. Michigan pretty much has all those qualities. Great education; great football program; all that sort of stuff. So they would definitely be high on my list, I just don’t know exactly where I would rank them.”

Sam Webb: That leads me to one of my last few questions here with regard to your timeline. As far as these visits are concerned, do you sort of have a game plan for when you’ll hit the road and what schools you’ll actually visit?

Colin McGovern: “I’m trying. It’s pretty hectic if I think about all the schools I’m going to try to visit and everything.  I’m trying to get everything set in stone. The only two visits that I have set for sure are on the 18th I’m going up to Wisconsin, and then on March 3rd I’m going to Tennessee; but the weekend after that I’m hoping to get out to Michigan and Michigan State. I’ve been trying for a long time, and (the Wolverines are) definitely, like I said, high on my list. I want to get up there and check out the campus and everything.”

Sam Webb: You mentioned a lot of Midwest schools. Is distance going to be a factor for you?

Colin McGovern: “I really don’t have a preference to whether I’m far or near to home. It’s just, I guess, Big Ten is where I grew up watching so I might favor them a little bit, but SEC schools are starting to show up a little bit. I have no problem going to visit them and checking them out a little because I know that SEC is a great conference also.”

Sam Webb: Long term, have you thought about when you want to make a decision? Also, I know you work out at Core6 with a few other top Illinois guys.  Have you talked with Ethan Pocic, Logan Tuley-Tillman, and Ty Isaac about where they’re going to school? Might any of you go to school together?

Colin McGovern: “I really haven’t spoken with them on that kind of level yet. It’s just sort of been like acquaintances. I’m almost positive I’ll run into them down the road somewhere because they’re visiting a lot of places that I’ll be visiting in the near future. So I haven’t really talked to them about that yet, but as it goes with my decision… I’m hoping to possibly commit before my senior season, but I’m not going to rush a big decision like that.  If I don’t have a school that I really want to go too…. if my mind is not or my heart is not set on that school at that time, I’m not going to commit and get stuck with that school know I have a lot of good schools after me and everything, but I want to make sure it’s the right school for me.” Recommended Stories