Borges: "I think we got some good ones."

Borges: "I think we got some good ones."

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges sat down with the media to discuss this year's haul of playmakers and road-graders. Borges discussed the ability of the newest wolverine wide receivers, why he believes this is a strong offensive line class and the potential role of Michigan's signing day surprise Dennis Norfleet. ***With video.***

Based on the size and strength of Michigan’s 2012 class, it’s obvious the coaching staff in Ann Arbor is trying to bulk up the trenches as well as the depth chart. Two positions in desperate need of players were tight end and full back… positions the Wolverine brass believes it addressed splendidly.

“I think we got some good ones, I feel really good about the tight ends and full backs we recruited,” said Al Borges. “If you prioritize the position, you make it important to get the kid, you find the players, the one’s you think do it the best, based on your experience (they’ll come).”

Scary lack of depth across the offensive line has been a regular topic of discussion for Brady Hoke since he arrived in Ann Arbor. The 2012 class addressed that as well.

“In terms of what we targeted and what we needed, we did a pretty good job,” said Borges. “We’re still not where we need to be, we still have more holes to fill but we’ve made a significant step in the right direction.”

Signing day wouldn’t feel the same without a little surprise, and that’s exactly what the Wolverines got in Detroit King RB Dennis Norfleet. A small frame for a Big Ten running back but has big time game in many different areas.

“He brings a lot to the table, he’s a touchdown scorer and you always need touchdown scorers,” said Borges. “He could do a multitude of things from an offensive perspective, he could be an every down back if he proves he can. Excellent receiver out of the backfield, maneuvers on linebackers, difficult to cover in space. Once we get him here and see how he stacks up we’ll kind of go from there.”

Sometimes forgotten in the recruiting game can be the character and attitude of these high school kids turned stars. But for Michigan the entire recruiting process begins with how these athletes conduct themselves.

“The top of our list before we recruit anybody is character,” said Borges. “If they pass the character test then we can start talking about if they can play for us but if they don’t pass that test we’re going to the next guy.”

For the full interview with Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges, see the video below. Recommended Stories

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