2013 "Freak" High on Michigan

Ben Gedeon

Hudson (OH) Jr. LB Ben Gedeon was one of the stars of Michigan camp last week. He GoBlueWolverine caught up with the class of 2013 standout to follow up last week's Scout.com report on his Maize & Blue offer. He sheds more light on his camp experience, his interest in Michigan, his sophomore season, and more. We also find out why he is called "the Freak."

Sam Webb:  Let us start back off first going back to your high school season.  How did the season go?

Ben Gedeon:  "It went pretty well.  We ended it 4-6.  We actually won the conference though, so that was good.  We upset Twinsburg.  That was the big win of the year and we ended up winning the conference, which was good."

Sam Webb:  Do you recall what your individual stats were?

Ben Gedeon:  "I think I had a 105 tackles.  I think 500 yards throwing and 300 yards receiving and passing." 

Sam Webb:  I've heard that you played some at quarterback, running back, receiver, you're at linebacker, is linebacker definitely the spot for you going forward?

Ben Gedeon:  "Yeah probably linebacker."

Sam Webb:  Is it true that people in your neck of the woods call you "the Freak"?

Ben Gedeon:  "Yeah.  My brother actually calls me that."

Sam Webb:  When did you pick up that nickname?

Ben Gedeon:  "Probably back in grade school.  I was always a little bit bigger than everybody.  My family called me that."

Sam Webb:  Are you bigger than your big brother? 

Ben Gedeon:  "No he I still is still bigger than me.  He is going to captain at Harvard this year at linebacker.  He is about 230.  So he has got me."  

Sam Webb:  What is your current height, weight?

Ben Gedeon:  "I'm about 6'2", about 220 right now."

Sam Webb:  When did Michigan start showing interest in you?

Ben Gedeon:  "Coach Mattison actually came to my school and he was sending me some (camp) stuff.  That's when I knew they were pretty interested in me.  I knew they were really trying to turn around the program and all their recruiting classes lately have been pretty strong.  So it was pretty cool. I was excited about that."

Sam Webb:  Growing up in the state of Ohio were you an Ohio State fan? 

Ben Gedeon:  "I was always a Notre Dame fan growing up.  As far as Michigan and Ohio State, I wasn't too much of an Ohio State fan. I was always pretty neutral."

Sam Webb:  Moving ahead to your Michigan camp experience, take me through that.  What was it like?

Ben Gedeon:  "It was pretty cool.  I talked to Coach Mattison before and he introduced me to Coach Hoke.  My dad and I got to meet him before camp started and met the linebacker coach.  I did pretty well in the drills, thought I did pretty well in the one-on-ones and I ended up getting offered (the day after camp), so it was pretty cool."

Sam Webb:  Did you feel like as you were going along that you were doing pretty good and an offer might come or did it kind of catch you by surprise?

Ben Gedeon:  "I thought a little bit, but the offer did kind of catch me by surprise.  I'm young, but it is awesome."

Sam Webb:  That was your first offer.  Did you start to hear from other schools immediately?

Ben Gedeon:  "A little bit, not too much yet.  I went to Northwestern for a camp the other day and they showed a lot of interest and got a contact number this week.  Penn State is showing some interest as well, so we'll see what happens."

Sam Webb:  What were your dad's impressions of Michigan?

Ben Gedeon:  "He loved it.  It was the first time he ever saw the Michigan campus and the Big House and he loved it a lot.  My mom was actually there too and she liked it too."

Sam Webb:  As far as your interaction with those coaches, primarily with Coach Mattison and Coach Hoke, what did you think when you sat down with them face-to-face and talked to them; what was that interaction kind of like?

Ben Gedeon:  "I think they are both great guys.  Coach Mattison really showed a personal interest.  He was asking about my family and he is a real good guy and I like them both.  Coach Hoke is really doing his best to turn that Michigan program around and I'm pretty excited about it."

Sam Webb:  Lets talk in recruiting in general.  When you get ready to sit down and make your decision whenever that is, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Ben Gedeon:  "You've got to look at the campus and academics and you've got to feel comfortable with the coaches and the kind of guys that kind of play there.  So all those really come into play."

Sam Webb:  Have you given any thought to a timeline for how you would like to have this play out?

Ben Gedeon:  "A little bit.  Right now we are still trying to go through the process and just kind of sit back and plan out and see from there and go from there."

Sam Webb:  When you make this decision who are the people who are going to be involved in your decision?  I imagine mom, dad and brother, but who else?

Ben Gedeon:  "I got two brothers, so my older brothers will come into play, because they are big role models for me but probably my uncle will definitely come into play.  Kind of my family, that's all."

Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you at all?

Ben Gedeon:  "Yeah I think so a little bit.  Michigan is about two and a half to three away, so that may come into play.  We'll see."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to be making it to any other campuses after you get back from Penn State this summer?

Ben Gedeon:  "I'm not sure right now.  I'm visiting Michigan again in late July, but maybe I'll make it out to a couple of ACC schools later in the summer, but well see what happens.  We'll see how it plays out."

Sam Webb:  At the early stage of your recruitment, who are kind of the top schools for you at this point?

Ben Gedeon:  "Obviously got to say Michigan and Ohio State is always showing a lot of interest.  I went to the spring game a couple of years ago.  Probably Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State would probably be my top three right now."

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