Godin Bleeds Blue!

Matt Godin

The newest Michigan commitment, Detroit (MI) Catholic Central DE Matt Godin, goes in-depth with GoBlueWolverine about his decision to don the Maize & Blue!

Sam Webb: You've obiously been sitting on this for some time. When did you know that Michigan would be the place for you?

Matt Godin: "Right when they offered me. They definitely hopped up to #1 for me. That didn't automatically make me want to commit, but as I built a better relationship with them and I finally one day I woke up and I was just like what am I doing. This has been my dream since I was young. You can quote me on this, ‘I bleed blue'."

Sam Webb: Share with me again the specifics on they said to you about how they want to use you?

Matt Godin: "They want to use me as a five technique defensive end. They want me to help stuff the run. That's the main one that Coach Mattison told me."

Sam Webb: I know Fred Jackson is your primary recruiter, but you have also been getting recruited by your defensive coaches in Greg Mattison and Jerry Montgomery so give me your thoughts on Coach Montgomery and Coach Mattison?

Matt Godin: "Great coaches. Coach Mattison gets excited. He gets pumped up. He is energetic. Coach Montgomery, he tells you like it is. He is a straight shooter and I'm definitely looking forward to being coached by them."

Sam Webb: Did have any impact on you all the other guys that were committing? What was your reaction when you started seeing the dominos fall?

Matt Godin: "That definitely did have an effect on me. I knew that I was going to go there anyways but the fact that I saw how much potential we're going to have in my class and how we can turn it a great defense that really develops."

Sam Webb: Are you guys actually talking to one another, hey look at what we can do with all of us there?

Matt Godin: "Oh yeah. We've been talking. I've talked to (James) Ross, the first thing I said to him was we have got to be the nastiest defense. I don't know what word to put. We are just going to be mean."

Sam Webb: Do you feel like this thing is going to continue that when more guys come into the fold?

Matt Godin: "Yeah. I definitely feel like it is going to keep going. I feel like another five technique is going to commit right after me? I don't know who, but I'm sure there will be. I really don't know next. Hopefully some D-tackles will commit."

Sam Webb: Tell me about Matt Godin on the football, what are you like when you snap on the chinstrap, when you step on the football field?

Matt Godin: "I'm nasty (laughter). I'm really not someone that anyone really wants to line up against. I just go hard 100%. I just want to destroy people. It's pretty much just a nasty streak that's for sure. I have quickness off the ball and I get separation coming off the ball and I'm a smart player."

Sam Webb: Now that you are in the fold, you put on the hat of recruiter. I know you, I know you're going to try and get other guys into the fold. So give me a couple of guys that you are definitely going to be trying to get to come to Michigan?

Matt Godin: "Mark Harrell (OT), I met him down at the Army All American game and he is a good guy. I think I can definitely get him. I'm not going to let Terry Richardson hear the end of it. Wyatt (Shallman)… that is a big one!"

Sam Webb: Tell me about Wyatt's game.

Matt Godin: "He is very athletic football player. He definitely got blessed with some abilities, for how big he is at like 245 pounds and how good he can run. He is definitely going to be a good asset at football."

Sam Webb: How good of a shot do you think Michigan has at that guy?

Matt Godin: "I think they have a great shot, especially it being the first offer. As he told you, his mom loved it and she is obviously going to be a big factor."

Sam Webb: How big of a factor is Matt Godin going to be in his decision-making process? If Greg Mattison says, son, I want you to get Wyatt into the fold, do you think you could make it happen?

Matt Godin: "Yes."

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