Michigan Boosts Position with Stanford

Dwayne Stanford

Michigan assistant (and Ohio recruiter) Mark Smith has been relentless in his pursuit of Cincinnati Taft WR, Dwayne Stanford and DE, Adolphus Washington. Those efforts have been especially fruitful with Stanford thanks in part to his childhood affinity for the Maize & Blue. Now a recent development has the star pass-catcher looking at the Wolverines in an even greater light.

Sam Webb:  I know things have been hectic up at you school lately with all of the coaches stopping by…?

Dwayne Stanford:  "My coach told me Ohio State, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Florida State, Pitt, Purdue were here.  The University of Cincinnati came around.  A couple more coaches contacted my coach and said they were supposed to be coming through before all is said and done. Michigan; Coach Smith stopped by and Michigan State stopped by too.  Coach Harlan Barnett stopped by."

Sam Webb:  Do you know A.J. Williams at all?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Yes… real good friend of mine."

Sam Webb:  Did you know that he was going to commit to Michigan?

Dwayne Stanford:  "No.  As a matter of fact, he called me that morning.  I did not go to school that day because I was leaving for the King James tournament in Akron.  I was at Taco Bell and he called me all excited and said he committed to Michigan and told me that me and Aldophus (Washington), we need to get with the program and head on up to Ann Arbor with him and they wouldn't be able to stop us." 

Sam Webb:  I know you and Aldophus had basketball, so you were not traveling as much as far as visits are concerned.  Did you wind up after the season was over making it to some spring games or anything like that?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Naw.  I wanted to go to the Ohio State one, but I had already told my AAU coach that I would play in the King James tournament the same weekend and I didn't want to go back on my word of playing, so I went ahead and went up to Akron and played."

Sam Webb:  Any new offers come your way?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Yeah.  I got an offer from North Carolina and Auburn.  I think here pretty soon I am going to get an offer from the U (Miami); if I don't already have one.  They have not told me that I have an offer but I think they will be next to offer."

Sam Webb:  Where are you at in your process?  At what point are you going to make more visits, or are you going to wait until the fall to do that?

Dwayne Stanford:  "May is coming up and there is some weekends in May and like I said I won't be doing that much AAU.  In May, I'll be taking visits and in June I'll be all over the place.  My coach, he's working a lot at football college camps, so I'll just be going to camps with him.  I know he is going to work Florida State, Notre Dame, Kentucky and some other schools.  So I'll just be going to camps around the East Coast with him."

Sam Webb:  Are there any teams that you haven't been offered by that you want to get an offer from?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Not really.  I'm pretty cool, I'm blessed, thank god for everything."

Sam Webb:  I know you haven't been on visits yet, but I'm sure you have some ideas in your mind with who you like.  Who is standing out for you at this point?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Definitely a team that I liked, but I didn't know I liked this much is Michigan.  It is because of how hard they are recruiting me.  I didn't know they were going to want me like that.  That really shocked me.  I really like Michigan for that.  They're standing out the most in my mind.   Definitely Ohio State, USC, Oregon, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Tennessee, Purdue, Alabama, Florida, FSU.   I pretty much like them all."

Sam Webb:  The Wolverines have made that strong of an impression on you?

Dwayne Stanford:  "I'm loving Michigan right now.  I have nothing but positive energy and thoughts on my mind about them.  Coach (Mark) Smith, him and A.J. stay on me too.  Especially with him committing there, that really helps me.  We're just going to see how everything plays out."

Sam Webb:  I know you've said in the past that you really like Ohio State. Anything change with that? What are you thinking about the Buckeyes right now?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Nothing has changed. I'm not really even that concerned (the NCAA allegations).  If Coach Tressel does get suspended, I think it will not affect me once I get there.  As far as him leaving and all that, they say that he is not, so I'm just going to take their word for it and hope he doesn't."

Sam Webb:  I know they don't have a lot of scholarships this year. Are they trying to get you guys to speed up the process a little bit?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Naw.  They not really like that.  They just letting us know do how we please.  They not really trying to have us commit now or anything like that.  They just want to get us up there on another visit. They're just kind of letting their program sell itself."

Sam Webb:  As far as your overall process is concerned, at what point do you think you are going to start trimming down your list?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Me personally, I really want to trim it down as soon as I can.  Everybody that I talk to say, they say don't trim it down, because you do not want to rule any school out until I go and see them.  I'm just listening to all the people that have been in my ear that have been here before that are telling me to go on visits and see what school is like before I X them out.  I know I can't make a visit to all the schools but all the schools that I'm really, really interested as of right now, I'm not going to short it down to anything until I get to make those visits."

Sam Webb:  As far as a final decision, you guys told me before that you were going to do it at Under Armour.  Is that still the case?

Dwayne Stanford:  "Me and D said we was going to do it at the Under Armour game because we both got accepted to play in it.   That is when we have decided to do it and that's what we were going to try and stick to, even though I think it might probably come before that."

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