2012 Intro: Aaron Burbridge

Aaron Brbridge

The Farmington Hills Harrison WR is one of the top prospects in the state of Michigan's 2012 class. Michigan State has long been the front runner. Are the Wolverines gaining ground?

Sam Webb:  I know you guys won the state title last year.  Tell me how you did individually.

Aaron Burbridge:  "I think I had a great season this year.  I had 30 catches for 620 yards, five interceptions and two returned back for touchdown and two rushing touchdowns.

Sam Webb:  Give me a scouting report on Aaron Burbridge.  What is your height, weight, and forty time?

Aaron Burbridge:  "I just make plays and I think I play better under pressure.  I run a 4.37.  I weigh 185 and I'm 6'2"."

Sam Webb:  I know you received offers from Michigan and Michigan State recently.  Who besides those schools have offered you a scholarship?

Aaron Burbridge:  "Just those two schools so far."

Sam Webb:  Who else are you hearing from?

Aaron Burbridge:  "Nobody really.  Cincinnati came to my school but nobody really like talked to me like that." ‘

Sam Webb:  Have you been out on visits to any other schools besides Michigan and Michigan State or have been to those schools on visits yet?

Aaron Burbridge:  "I've been to Michigan State and I plan on going to Michigan soon."

Sam Webb:  What other schools are you interested in hearing from? 

Aaron Burbridge:  "I would like to hear from schools like Penn State and LSU.  They send me letters and stuff, but I never talk to the coaches personally."

Sam Webb:  Well let's talk about the schools you are hearing from.  Start with Michigan State.  What are your feelings about the Spartans right now?

Aaron Burbridge:  "I like the Spartans.  They are at the top of my list right now."

Sam Webb:  What puts Michigan State up there with you?

Aaron Burbridge:  "I've always like State.  I've been a State fan."

Sam Webb:  Which Michigan State coach was it that made it by your school in recent weeks to check you out?

Aaron Burbridge:  "Coach Brad Salem is the one scouting me.  Coach Dantonio came up there, but he couldn't talk to me.  He came up there."

Sam Webb:  Let's talk about the Wolverines.  Which Michigan coaches have you been in contact with?

Aaron Burbridge:  "Coach Singletary talked to me and Brady Hoke called the school to offer me, Mario and Devin our scholarships."

Sam Webb:  What are your thoughts on Michigan?

Aaron Burbridge:  "It's a great program.  I'd like to go there and see what they're all about.  I like Michigan too."

Sam Webb:  You, Mario Ojemudia and Devin Funchess are being recruited pretty heavily. Do you guys ever have discussions teaming up on the next level?

Aaron Burbridge:  "Yeah, we've talked about that before."

Sam Webb:  Giving me your scouting reports on those two.

Aaron Burbridge:  "Mario is unstoppable.  He runs a 4.6.  He's a lineman, he's big.  You never seen him blocked.  Mario is a beast.  Devin, he's actually our leading receiver.  I've never seen him drop the ball.  He is just like me... a playmaker."

Sam Webb:  What are the factors that are going to play most significantly in your choice?

Aaron Burbridge:  "Education and if I want to live there.  I've got to live there for the next four years so I'll be looking at the people and everything that schools have to offer me."

Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

Aaron Burbridge:  "Yeah.  I would have to talk to my family about that.  (Distance) might be a problem."

Sam Webb:  Have you given any thought to a timeline for how you would like to have your decision?

Aaron Burbridge:  "No not yet."

Sam Webb:  You said Michigan State is your lifelong favorite.  Are you giving any thought to committing to the Spartans anytime soon?

Aaron Burbridge:  I've still got to weigh my options.

Sam Webb:  For a school to catch Michigan State on your list, they'll have to do what?

Aaron Burbridge:  "I don't even know.  They just have to surprise me I guess."

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