Michigan Interest in Strobel Intensifies

Tom Stroebel

Mentor (OH) standout Tom Strobel is yet another talented defensive end in a very deep year for the position in the Buckeye State. Michigan is among the programs attempting to mine Ohio's riches, and Strobel is emerging as a prime target.GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get the latest on his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:  Word has it that you've been hearing more from Michigan in recent weeks?

Tom Strobel:  "Yeah, actually they stopped by a few weeks ago.  Them and Notre Dame were both at our school and they were talking to my coach.  I just stopped by and said hello.  I really didn't get to talk much because were not really supposed to be talking right now."

Sam Webb:  Have they offered you a scholarship yet?

Tom Strobel:  "No not Michigan, they haven't."

Sam Webb:  Has Notre dame?

Tom Strobel:  "No."

Sam Webb:  What schools have offered you scholarships so far?

Tom Strobel:  "As of right now I have Cincinnati, Purdue, Northwestern, Stanford and Michigan State."

Sam Webb:  Have you visited any of the schools that have offered?

Tom Strobel:  "Yes, I've visited Pitt and Cincinnati, but I plan on going to the other places this spring and summer."

Sam Webb:  Let's put recruiting to the side and talk football for a moment.  How did your season go last year?

Tom Strobel:  "This year was kind of a different year.  We started off playing St. Edward, which ended up being a state championship team, and we lost to them.  We fumbled on the two yard line and kind of just started off the season shaky.  In order to get to the playoffs we had to win the last seven games and we really pulled it together.  Our defense really stepped up and we actually won out.  We played St. Edward again in the playoffs, but we ended up losing to them.  Overall, I was really proud of our team and our efforts to even do what we did."

Sam Webb:  What about you individually? Do you remember what your stats were?

Tom Strobel:  "I wish I had them.  I do not really know what my stats were this year.  I really couldn't tell you."

Sam Webb:  Well just tell me about your game in general.  Give me a scouting report on Tom Strobel.

Tom Strobel:  "For me, I've got a really good work ethic.  I'm always hustling to the ball no matter what.  Even if it seems the play is already made, I'm always going to be there right behind the tackle or I'll be making the tackle.  I'm always hustling to the ball.  I think that's the biggest you'll notice is hustle."

Sam Webb:  Back to recruiting.  You're an Ohio kid.  Did you grow up a fan of Ohio State or were you a fan of another program?

Tom Strobel:  "If you live in Ohio, you're pretty much bias toward Ohio State.  Everybody grows up a Buckeye fan.  Originally, I was biased towards them, but once I started to visit other schools I realized that there are other schools out there and I can't just focused on this one.  That's why I've kind of just grown to have no favorites right now."

Sam Webb:  What kind of contact has Ohio State had with you so far?

Tom Strobel:  "They've had a lot of contact.  I've seen them quite a bit.  Their coaches stop by our basketball games and all.  I haven't received an offer from them yet, so I don't really know what is going on with them."

Sam Webb:  What about Michigan?  Do you know much about the Wolverines?

Tom Strobel:  "I didn't know they were such a high academic school.  Originally, I thought they were just like the other version of Ohio State just the opposite.  I had no idea that there academics were that high and that really made me look at them higher upon them.  As far as Michigan, I really don't know that much about them."

Sam Webb:  When you compare the schools on your list, what are going criteria you look at the hardest?

Tom Strobel:  "#1 is education and I've said that to everyone.  I'm always a student before an athlete and that's what I'll always be.  I have to make sure that I am going to get a great education no matter where I got.  Also, the football team in general. I just want to make sure that I'll play.  I do not want to sit on the sideline my whole career."

Sam Webb:  Have you given any thought to a timeline for how you would like to have this play out.

Tom Strobel:  "Ideally, I would like to have it before the season so that way if I do get hurt, if anything were to happen (knock on wood), I would be okay scholarship wise.   So if I could, I want to have a decision and be okay with it."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to camp anywhere this summer at any schools?

Tom Strobel:  "As a team we go down to the Ohio State camp on June 13th.  That's as much as I did last year.  This year, I'm not really sure about camps or anything."

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