Michigan Vaults to Top for Nealy

DeVondrick Nealy

The Wolverines may have lost on the football field Saturday, but many recruits on hand had a winning visit experience, including Monticello (FL) Jefferson County RB Devondrick Nealy. The Sunshine State standout reflects on his time on campus, his interaction with Denard Robinson, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  So how did everything go on your visit?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Everything went good."

Sam Webb:  On a scale of one to ten where did it rate for you?

Devondrick Nealy:  "A 10!.  It was all I expected and much more.  It was very, very good."

Sam Webb:  I know the last time we talked back in July you said that Arkansas was out front for you.  Was this visit as good as your Arkansas visit?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Yes sir.  It was better."

Sam Webb:  Is Arkansas still out front for you?

Devondrick Nealy:  "No Michigan is out front right now."

Sam Webb:  What was it about what you saw that put Michigan out front for you?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Everything.  The school and everything outside of football made me want to go to (Michigan). It is just amazing, amazing coaches, amazing players, amazing people, just amazing surroundings.  I just want to be around that every Saturday when I have a football game."

Sam Webb:  What about the game?  I know they lost out there.  That didn't do anything to dampen the experience?

Devondrick Nealy:  "No not at all."

Sam Webb:  What coaches did you hang with the most?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Coach Smith.  That is the coach that is the coach that is recruiting me.  I had never met him face to face, but when I got to meet him, he was a great dude.  He was a great everything.  He was good to talk to.  We have a lot in common."

Sam Webb:  What did they say to you about how you would fit in?   Are they talking about you coming in at tailback?  Do they want you to play some in the slot?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Slot and tailback."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a preference?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Oh no sir. Slot and tailback that is my preference really.  That'll be great."

Sam Webb:  What about opportunity?  Did they talk about if there would be early opportunity for you to play early as a freshman?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Yes sir.  A very, very good chance."

Sam Webb:  What about the players?  Who was your host?

Devondrick Nealy:  "My host was Shoelace, Denard Robinson.  He was a great person.  Just a great dude to meet and great dude to talk to.  Then once they told me about Dee Hart committing up here to Michigan that really topped it off.  Me and Dee Hart, we were in Gridiron Kings hanging together.  We had a great bond together.  I got to meet him a little bit and talk to him a little bit about different things like that.  Ever since then, it has just been a great opportunity and it was good to hear about him."

Sam Webb:  What was he like after the game?

Devondrick Nealy:  "He is a great, great person.  He has a great personality.  He doesn't do any kind of foolish things.  He is a great role model.  He is a person that everybody wants to be like."

Sam Webb:  Did he talk about the game at all with you?

Devondrick Nealy:  "He just said that Michigan isn't known for losing at all.  That it is his fault that they lost the game and he is going to get it right and it won't ever happen again."

Sam Webb:  What is next for Devondrick Nealy?   You made your official visits to Michigan.  Have you made any other official visits yet?

Devondrick Nealy:  "No sir.  I have Minnesota October 23rd but that's it for this month.  My thing is to make one or two more officials and then be all that I can be, make the right decision and go to the right school."

Sam Webb:  Where else might you take official visits too?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Arkansas and Auburn for sure."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline for getting those done?  Are you going to take those official visits during the season or might you wait until after the season to take them?

Devondrick Nealy:  "I'm thinking about taking Arkansas official visit on November 27th when they play LSU, but I do not know for sure yet.  Time will tell."

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to make that final decision what are going to be the factors that make one school stand out over all the rest?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Just everything outside of football.  I want to know what the school has to offer me outside of football and not worry about the football part of it.  I'm worried about everything outside of football."

Sam Webb:  Tell me how your season is going real quick.  How are things going for you on the football field?

Devondrick Nealy:  "Everything is going wonderful on the football field.  Had 15 carries for 320 yards and four touchdowns.  I have like 1200 yards in like the fifth game of the season.  Everything is going well with something over 20 touchdowns."

Sam Webb:  What is your team's record right now?

Devondrick Nealy:  "We 5-1 at this time."

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